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What is death on the Earth plane is birth in the Spirit world. And birth onto the Earth plane can be considered death in the Spirit world. Physical death is but one of many deaths which we encounter as we move from one earthly life to another.

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We could settle, once and for all, the question of death by saying that death does not exist; that there is only life; that death is but one of countless experiences found in life. But that would be quite a lot to ask you to accept, without some further instruction. Therefore, let us look at this wonderfully great adventure, known as death.

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Before we examine the process of physical death, we need to look at the question of survival. Nobody can deny the existence of death. The vital question surrounding death is: Once we understand that we do survive death, we can then look at the process of death itself and what follows. In looking at the dilemma of proving that we do survive death, we are confronted with the following question: Proof of survival is a very personal matter.

What is unquestionable proof for one person may hold no validity for another. Therefore, we must begin by saying: Proof must come from within; but proof often approaches upon the wings of knowledge. And knowledge is something that we can provide.

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There are several phenomena which psychic researchers have, over the years, investigated that indicate the validity of life after death. Regardless of how one approaches death, the process itself is quite similar for most people. If death comes suddenly and the person does not believe in any form of after-life, then the conscious mind is most likely not prepared for the experience, and there could be a period of confusion after death.

Thus, the importance of understanding death before we meet it face-to-face. If, on the other hand, death comes upon the individual gradually, let us say after a lengthy period of illness, then the personality is given an opportunity to prepare for the experience. This can be very helpful for a person who has never thought about death, or who does not believe in any form of after-life.

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This period of preparation can last for a few days, up to several years, depending upon: Finally, with modern-day technology, there is the issue of life support systems. Who makes the decision for whom concerning death? Is the spirit ready to leave, while family members insist on keeping the body alive?

How does this affect the spirit? What is the definition of death, and who decides that all criteria for that definition have been met? Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Q'uo: Are you doing what you came to do? Seth Speaks about God Creation of Matter. How Big is God? Can our Intentions Heal the Water? The secret life of trees: The Milky Way Infogr: The Unified Field and the Illusion of Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies.

Synchronicity And The Singularity Transcending Language and the Leap of Faith Language: Love In The 5th Dimension. Our Gifts Are Unwrapping. Kryon Channellings Nassim Haramein: The Resonance Project David Wilcock: October 29, by Jeff Roberts: The two sides are evident; science proponents believe biological death to be the absolute end of our human experience, whereas spiritualists believe that our bodies are physical vessels for an eternal energetic aspect of our consciousness called the soul, which implants itself into a new body after the previous body has died.

It is becoming knowledge that the major religions were used as a control mechanism to manipulate the masses through the use of fear. The 20th century ignited a new wave of science that dealt with the exploration of consciousness, psychedelics and paranormal psychology, that collectively aimed to connect the spiritual and scientific communities. Instances of near death and out-of-body experiences, during which people were consciously aware after being declared clinically dead, began to test the hard facts that science had previously established.

Today these cases are still widely reported and there are remarkable similarities between the reports all over the world. Pim van Lommel, a cardiologist in the Netherlands, conducted the largest hospital-based study of NDEs Near Death Experiences , years after hearing a patient report seeing a tunnel, a light, and beautiful colors, and hearing wonderful music during a clinical death in Lommel was inspired to research the matter further after hearing a detailed near death experience of someone who had been clinically dead for six minutes: To my great surprise, within two years about fifty patients told me about their NDE….

So, in we started a prospective study of consecutive survivors of cardiac arrest in ten Dutch hospitals….

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Patients with an NDE did not show any fear of death, they strongly believed in an afterlife, and their insight into what is important in life had changed: They now understood the cosmic law that everything one does to others will ultimately be returned to oneself; hatred and violence as well as love and compassion. Remarkably, there was often evidence of increased intuitive feelings. Ian Stevenson and Dr. The Silver Thread of Life: True Accounts of Spiritual Interventions. Start your metaphysical journey here with dozens of true accounts and spiritual interventions.

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Journey of Souls has ratings and reviews. This remarkable book uncovers--for the first time--the mystery of life in the spirit world after death on earth. Dr. Newton is also the founder of The Society for Spiritual Regression. The following is an excerpt from Journey of Souls describing the nature of the afterlife.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention echo bodine life after death ever read echoes of the soul easy read must read loved ones book i have ever looking for answers thank you echo many questions makes sense recommend it to anyone best book soul journey thought provoking well written answers so many easy to understand past few years. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. When I lost my only child I If anyone is looking for answers to the many questions of "Why" things happen, this is my all time favorite book! When I lost my only child I immersed myself in books and continue reading almost 6 years later. I have read many stinkers but also; many books have opened up my heart and mind to so many things that I was previously oblivious to before. That's the price I had to pay for my soul's growth. I had no faith, and now I have a totally different perspective about life, death and what is most important.

We are all here to either teach or learn and when it's our time to re-join our beautiful children we'll understand why things happened the way they did. In the mean time, read this beautiful book and you too will have that "Ah Ha" moment. This book should particularly appeal to those people just starting to consider the possibility of reincarnation as an active process, which includes them. It is clearly written in a straightforward style and offers the "standard model" albeit from a duelist perspective nothing wrong with that. It differs from most in that the examples offered of individual cases are obtained from the use of a form of "psychic perspective" whereby the author intuitively develops an assessment of various clients.

The subject of induced fetus mortality is covered along with an emphasis that the soul is eternal and does not die and that there are, in any event, potentially valuable lessons that may be obtained through a short stay on earth, for both parent and child alike. This part of the book is somewhat difficult to fathom.

However, as an introductory text the overall effort is very good and should promote inquiry and help searchers find their way to more comprehensive material. The Journey To Enlightenment. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. My heart is full as I just finished this book. I have many questions I have been with the question. I, too, have deceased people show up, and I'm just learning to communicate with them without feeling like clients are going to think I'm crazy.

Thank you from my deepest recesses, Echo Bodine, for you being you and sharing of yourself and your work in this way, I am completely encouraged to continue stepping forward.