Practical Gardening: Sensible Solutions for Down to Earth Gardeners

My fascination for this genre goes back to my upbringing in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. However, I allowed myself to be sidetracked from the murder mystery genre when I became fascinated with the age-old traditional lore that Abraham Lincoln was actually born in North Carolina.

The result was a novel, Into The Twilight. By the time I had learned the ins and outs of the e-book world and was ready to publish the Lincoln book, I had completed a rough draft of Blind Malice, the first in my Rachel Myers series which is set in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in the present day. Since when the Lincoln book went live, I have published 13 books in the Myers series and have a new series with Ellis Crawford, a young man fresh out of the Marines, who takes a job as police chief in a small town in eastern North Carolina.

This series begins in the late 's.

There are 5 volumes to date in the Crawford series with more to come. Some of the Crawford series are based on actual events.

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Gardening perennials, hostas, herbs, and vegetables and horses are an inescapable and vastly enjoyable part of my life so they figure prominently in my Rachel Myers series but less so in the Ellis Crawford. After many years in distant places, Jackson now lives with her husband, horses, dogs, and gardens not far from where she grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Resolving persistent problems, Douglas Green comes up with many folkloric answers that really work in Gardening Wisdom: Subjects from design principles to construction projects and from plant selection to plant care are covered in Complete Home Landscaping Feb. Plans and examples are demonstrated in The Woodland Garden: Planting in Harmony with Nature Mar. Roy Forster and Alex M.

Architectural details and naturalistic plantings mingle throughout the pages of In Harmony with Nature: Those caught in hot spots can turn to Sunbelt Gardening: Success in Hot-Weather Climates Apr. A riot of shapes, colors and textures is the hallmark to be realized in Creating a Cottage Garden in North America Mar. Gardening Plans and Recipes for Kids Mar. Indoor green thumbs have an ally in the revised second edition of Greenhouse Gardener's Companion: Turner offers 65 projects to improve the invitations offered by outdoor environments.

The Healing Gifts of Gardening Feb. Big Ideas for Small Spaces Jan. A Month-by-Month Guide Jan. Allen Lacy's ruminations and advice, which appear in his quarterly newsletter, are collected in In a Green Shade: Writings from Homeground Apr. Taylor's Master Guide to Landscaping Apr.

Robert Dash brings his painter's sensibility to Notes from Madoo: Finding Paradise in Tuscany Mar. Interweave Press IPG, dist. An Adventure in Small Miracles Mar.

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Readers who have energy in reserve after a long work week can find ways to expend it in Garden Projects in a Weekend Apr. Landscaping Region by Region Feb. Practitioners of natural medicine will be interested in The Healing Garden: Colston Burrell features lush portraits of top plants as well as growing advice and information on plant requirements for both old favorites and new varieties to spark the creative impulse. London landscape designers Guy Cooper and Gordon Taylor show how such locations can be artistic outlets, healing sanctuaries or extensions of the home in Gardens for the Future: Gestures Against the Wild Mar.

Soil for the Growing Soul Feb. Rosalind Creasy returns with four additions to the Edible Garden series: The Edible Mexican Garden , Rainbow Garden and Asian Garden Mar. PLUME History, lore, rituals and personal reflections on such issues as the significance of basil and the genealogy of roses come together in The Echoing Green: The Garden in Myth and Memory Mar.

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Rebecca Cole reveals how to approach a tiny terrace or an overgrown wilderness in Paradise Found: Gardening in Unlikely Places Mar. This guide provides month schedules of different genera and species' bloom periods, as well as providing general information about the plants.

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From Carol Haggas of Booklist: Achieving such harmony doesn't have to be hard work, according to Lord, who covers all bases with concise yet comprehensive commentaries on the design characteristics of more than 1, individual plants. Accompanied by Lawson's crisp photographs of more than 4, visually compelling garden combinations, Lord succinctly illustrates each plant's design capabilities, then thoughtfully suggests a roster of complementary plants to take the guesswork out of good design.

My 4 Favorite Gardening Books For ALL Gardeners

If there is a better organized gardening book available, its existence is unknown. Indeed, Lord could set a new standard for the term user-friendly, for few guides could rival his treatise for the practicality of its structure or for the quality of its information. Each entry contains at-a-glance information on plant companions and cultural requirements, and helpfully lists photographic cross-references. For professionals and amateurs alike, this guide is a godsend.

Ground covers take on new meaning in this informative and enlightening book. Scientific explanations of hundreds of perennials are included as well as a handy ground cover selection chart. This is a helpful guide for the daunting task designing your garden.

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In her book, Janet Macunovich breaks down the design process into 12 simple steps. Following these steps, your garden or landscape is guaranteed to be beautiful! Make smarter use of the space we have and the plants we select, says garden expert Kerry Ann Mendez. In The Right-Size Flower Garden, she shares her successful recipe for having a garden we can manage and love again This book, written by Kerry Ann Mendez the founder of Perennially Yours, focuses on useful and practical perennials recommendations for all gardeners, particularly those looking for a high quality and low maintenance garden.

This book, written by one of the best known daylily breeders, discusses the developments of daylily breeders from to , as well as the history of the American Hemerocallis Society. Also included is a listing of daylily cultivars and their descriptions. Borne out of Ball Seed Company's detailed tests for germination rates, hardiness, adaptability, performance, and usage of a broad range of herbaceous perennial plants, this book provides the answers you are looking for on how to grow specific genera of perennials.

For each plant, the following information is provided: Botanical name and family, common name, description, hardiness, season of bloom, propagation methods, germination overview, growing on, varieties, related plant material, uses, and cultural advice for the home gardener. A detailed encyclopedia of peony species and cultivars. Also includes information on peony breeders and botanical gardens with peony collections.

This publication is an update and expansion of the Cornell Guidelines on Perennial Production. It combines cultural and varietal information about herbaceous perennials with research-based information about commercial production. The focus is on nursery and greenhouse production of field or container pernnials, but the greenhouse plug and bedding plant methods of perennial production are covered as well. It is a valuable source of information for most perennial growers, especially those who are new to the industry.

Joseph Hudak presents insights into form, texture, proportion and color harmony as well as considerations of surrounding landscapes and home architecture in Design for Gardens Mar. Perennial Ground Covers Author: With 2, entries and illustrations, Taylor's Dictionary for Gardeners defines and clearly explains the terminology of horticulture, including: Big Ideas for Small Spaces Jan. For those, like myself, that struggle to keep plants alive, it's provided me with helpful tips for low maintenance gardening, allowing my plants a longer life expectancy!!!! An Edwardian Masterpiece Apr.

A detailed collection of growing tips, landscape uses, and general knowledge in a comprehensive A-Z encyclopedia form. This book covers the vast array of daylily hybrids that are available today. Close-up photographs show the detailed characteristics that hybridizers work for. Each photo is accompanied by a description of the daylily's color, size, bloom season, and parentage.

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In addition to the pictorial encyclopedia, the book offers information on daylily cultivation and hybridization. Author Paul Pilon has compiled a comprehensive book covering all aspects of producing perennial crops--propagation, fertility, media, pest and disease management, weed control, height control, and overwintering. A large section of the book is devoted to forcing perennials into bloom to maximize sell through as the retail level. Perennial Solutions presents specific production guidelines for 30 popular crops including Aster, Delphinium, Hemerocallis, Hosta, Rudbeckia, and ornamental grasses.

Detailed tables offer specific recommendations for using PGRs, herbicides, forcing schedules, and more. This book by grass expert Martin Quinn and writer Catherine MacLeod arms the reader with the knowledge you need to beautify your garden, lawn and home. Grass Scapes provides a quick solution on how to use ornamental grasses to meet your landscaping needs. The ornamental grass is very low maintenance, especially hardy, resistant to disease, and able to flourish in a wide range of soil and climate conditions. Aesthetically these grasses are quite unique, creating movement, colour, and variety in all kinds of gardens.

This book takes the ornamental grass beyond just an expanse of turf and transforms it into a staple sculptural element for every garden.

Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!:

It is written so that gardeners of all levels of practice can comprehend it, giving the reader the simple skills to garden confidently with grasses. Martin Quinn, who is locally known as "The Grass Man," shares with the reader a plethora of knowledge gained from his growing over varieties of ornamental grasses.

Martin and Catherine married in and have collaborated over the years to combine the many photographs and the vast knowledge into a wonderful book that you just have to pick up and enjoy. Combines thousands of beautiful, close-up plant portraits, along with detailed horticultural information and planting suggestions for more than 5, individual species and cultivars, including the newest introductions. An exceptionally thorough book of lists of every category of perennial including: In this fourth edition of THE reference on herbaceous ornamental plants, Dr.

Still provides detailed information about common and uncommon annuals, biennials, perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses, herbs, and hardy ferns that are adapted to most climates of the US and Canada. Using a standard format, the following information is provided for each plant entry: Botanical name, common name, leaves, flower, habit, season of bloom, culture, utilization, propagation, diseases and insects, hardiness, cultivars, additional notes, native habitat, and a line drawing.

With 2, entries and illustrations, Taylor's Dictionary for Gardeners defines and clearly explains the terminology of horticulture, including: The botanical names of common species, or how to read a plant label, Horticultural terms - the difference between genus,species, cultivar, and hybrid, Garden techniques, such as what it means to scarify seeds and distress roots, The anatomy and physiology of plants, including the everyday significance of apical dominance, Historical gardening terms and styles, from ha-ha to bedding out. The book also includes names and descriptions of garden tools and insect pests, brief biographies of famous gardeners, and listings of botanical gardens and institutions in the world of horticulture.

From inside back flap: It covers topics like design strategies, problem-solving garden techniques, how to grow a healthy lawn, coping with garden pests, controlling weeds, and preventing plants disease. Plus, you'll find expert answers to common gardening questions, a plant selection guide, zone and frost maps of the United States, and an encyclopedia of easy-care plants. Now in its fourth edition, the Perennial Gardening Guide from Heritage Perennials in Canada continues to provide a thorough and detailed explanation of hundreds of herbaceous perennials and their related cultivars.

We've found this book to be one of the most accurate resources for perennial plant information. It includes practical knowledge for each plant along with detailed cultural notes. The basics of perennial garden design and maintenance schedules are also included. A unique book filled with the history of perennials, annuals, bulbs, and shrubs. Learn how the plants got their names, who discovered them, how they have been used since their discovery, and much more.

The Hosta Handbook provides a comprehensive review of horticulturally significant types of hostas. Included are the most popular cultivars, traditional landscaping hostas, and important species.