Three years on a yacht

His company was started there by renowned English sailor Nigel Burgess in Beckett started working at the company in and moved to London three years later to run operations there. He owns all of it now. Monaco is most different from the others, Beckett said. First of all, the language is French and the food mainly French or Italian. Many of the people who visit are wealthy. To that end, Beckett often spends his days and nights meeting clients on their yachts or having dinner parties on their boats.

The business culture is bureaucratic in Monaco and dealing with red tape can take a lot of time, he explained. While Beckett operates from three locations, he said greater London feels like his true home. Regardless of where he is in the world, he wakes up at 6: In England, he leaves the house at 7: New York is the best of both worlds, combining business, pleasure and family, he said. The family often travels with him to the US and he takes the opportunity to visit restaurants and shows with his wife.

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He opened an office in the city in because, like in London, there are a lot of people there who might be interested in owning a yacht. The city is exciting to do business in, he said. The interior is often finished in wood paneling, with plenty of storage space. Cruisers are quite capable of taking on long-range passages of many thousands of miles.

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This basic design is typical of the standard types produced by the major yacht-builders. Aside from this fairly standard design, built in numbers and using methods approaching mass production by the large yacht-building firms of Europe and North America , there are some common variations to suit a yacht for a more particular role or to emphasize one aspect of performance rather than the wide range of abilities needed in a standard design. The classic "long keel" yacht, where the keel is integrated into the lower portion of the hull and extends for all or most of the hull's length, rather than being a single fin attached to the hull at the center, is still being built in small numbers.

The long keel generally provides better directional stability, especially in rough weather, at the cost of greater weight, a narrower hull which decreases interior space, and poorer handling when under engine power or in tight conditions such as a marina. Other rig variations are found on many different sizes of yacht such as the yawl , ketch , schooner and even unusual sail plans such as the junk rig.

A yacht may also be a "cruiser-racer", which as the name implies is a blend between the cruiser and racing variants. This is often a builder's existing design with changes to the rigging, sails, keel and controls to provide better performance. Some of the interior appointments may be reduced or removed to save weight. The fixed fin keel is most commonly found on modern cruising yachts worldwide but some are still built with twin 'bilge' keels or with lifting fin keels which retract into the yacht's hull.

In both cases these allow the yacht to sit upright on the seabed in shallow water or on areas that dry at low tide. In recent years, these yachts have evolved from fairly simple vessels with basic accommodation into sophisticated and luxurious boats. This is largely due to reduced hull-building costs brought about by the introduction of fibreglass hulls, and increased automation and "production line" techniques for yacht building, especially in Europe.

Sailing yachts of this size are often highly automated with, for example, computer-controlled electric winches controlling the sails. Such complexity requires dedicated power-generation systems. In recent years the amount of electric equipment used on yachts has increased greatly.

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Now all but the smallest, most basic yachts have electric lighting, radio , and navigation aids such as Global Positioning Systems. Aids such as radar , echo-sounding and autopilot are common.

This means that the auxiliary engine now also performs the vital function of powering an alternator to provide electrical power and to recharge the yacht's batteries. For yachts engaged on long-range cruising, wind-, water- and solar-powered generators can perform the same function. Racing yachts try to reduce the wetted surface area, which creates drag, by keeping the hull light whilst having a deep and heavy bulb keel, allowing them to support a tall mast with a great sail area.

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Modern designs tend to have a very wide beam and a flat bottom aft, to provide buoyancy preventing an excessive heel angle and to promote surfing and planing. Dedicated offshore racing yachts sacrifice crew comfort for speed, having basic accommodation to reduce weight. Modern racing yachts may have twin rudders because of the wide stern. Since about water ballast transfer pumps have become more common as have transversely swinging keels.

Both these stiffen the yacht and allow more sail to be carried in stronger winds.

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Depending on the type of race, such a yacht may have a crew of 15 or more. Very large inshore racing yachts may have a crew of At the other extreme are "single handed" races, where one person alone must control the yacht. Yacht races may be over a simple course of only a few miles, as in the harbour racing of the International One Design ; long-distance, open-ocean races, like the Bermuda Race ; or epic trans-global contests such as the Global Challenge , Volvo Ocean Race , Clipper Round the World Race and Mini Transat 6. Sailing is an economical and environmentally friendly means of propulsion.

A hybrid type of vessel is a motor sailing yacht that can use either sail or propulsion or both as conditions dictate. Many "pure" sailing yachts are also equipped with a low-power internal-combustion engine for use in conditions of calm and when entering or leaving difficult anchorages. Modern sailing yachts can be equipped with electric inboard motors in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuel.

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If there's one thing I took away from spending three years writing for the yachting industry and attending the Monaco Yacht Show, it's that buying. A yacht /jɒt/ is a watercraft used for pleasure or sports. The term originates from the Dutch word . Typically there will be three double-berth cabins; a single large saloon with galley, In recent years, these yachts have evolved from fairly simple vessels with basic accommodation into sophisticated and luxurious boats.

The latest technology are outboard electric pod drives that can also regenerate electricity motogens. These motogens can be made retractable to increase the efficiency of the yacht. Some of these yachts are extremely efficient and do not need additional diesel generators. This technology is called Green Motion.

Monohull yachts are typically fitted with a fixed keel or a centreboard adjustable keel below the waterline to counterbalance the overturning force of wind on the vessel's sails. Multihull yachts use two catamarans or three trimarans hulls widely separated from each other to provide a stable base that resists overturning.

Motor yachts typically have one or two internal combustion engines that burn diesel fuel or gasoline. Depending on engine size, fuel costs may make motor yachts more expensive to operate than sailing yachts. The shape of a motor yacht's hull may be based on displacement, planing, or in between. Although monohulls have long been the standard in motor yachts, multihulls are gaining in popularity.

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Yacht travel depends on suitable weather conditions, and this requires the yacht user to follow a specific travel calendar in order to avoid bad sailing weather. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Yacht disambiguation. This article possibly contains original research.

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