Les espaces du vent (Synthèses) (French Edition)

Le climat du Bassin du Sud-Ouest. Full text PDF Send by e-mail.

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Espace de distribution probable du type 1. Espace de distribution probable du type 2. Espace de distribution probable du type 3. Espace de distribution probable du type 4.

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Espace de distribution probable du type 5. Espace de distribution probable du type 6. Espace de distribution probable du type 7. Why is the participative forest management so dear to public environmental policies so difficult to set up in the field?

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This well-documented and critical work answers this question. How can we prevent biological invasions? How can we assess the risk they represent? What can be done to control current invasions?

Muscle et viande de ruminant

Questions deciphered here under biological, sociological and economic approaches. Having explained the heterosis phenomenon, the work then describes how it is used in plant breeding by creating hybrid varieties: Applied ethology studies the behaviour of animals in their natural environment and interacting with man. The approach has fairly recently been extended to human behaviours. This work attempts to make this fledgling discipline known to a wider audience.

Why are forest ecosystems so vulnerable to storms?

Jean Riser

Why do such events occur? How can we reduce their effects?

This book gives the scientific community's answers to those questions. This instructive, illustrated book offers an overview of plant molecular genetics and the changes that have taken place in the field. It includes a description of plant genomes, and looks at the most recent aspects of the regulation of their expression. This work analyses the legal, economic and sociological foundations of agricultural multifunctionality. The authors place the theoretical and practical issues within the dialectic they see between commercial and non-commercial activities.

This first synthesis published in French summarises the know-how acquired by Cemagref in the course of a year-long research programme on seed orchard management.

Le Mur de Berlin (1961-1989)

Eighteen internationally-renowned virologists, geneticists, breeders and taxonomists contributed to this unique book on viruses of Solanaceae. This book describes how environmental influences, reproduction, stress, genetics, pathogens and temperature contribute to oyster summer mortality in France.

Recommendations are made for forecasting and managing risk factors.

Synthèse (graphiques et cartes)

Based on recent experience in West and Central Africa, this book suggests new ways of analysing African farms and of advising producers. A comprehensive, well-documented overview of the changes in agronomy over the past thirty years. Fungi of the genus Armillaria cause a root disease of woody plants, known as Armillaria root rot, which is seen worldwide.

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  5. The Marginalization of Small is Beautiful: Micro-hydroelectricity, Common Property, and the Politics.

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