The range of words at my command becomes wider and wider at every step, and I have consequently less trouble in saying what I mean to express, and I can assure all those who perceive oddity or awkwardness in the commencement, that before they shall reach the end of the second volume they will be served with very elegant sentences, witty sayings, poetical effusions, harmonious constructions, well rounded periods, and a great many other nice things too tedious to enumerate. He [Louis XVIII] will draw up a diplomatic declaration with precision and elegance, while he is incapable of obtaining or preserving any influence in foreign courts.

His moderate policy, couched in well rounded periods, shall meet with every encomium, and kingdoms be disposed of without the slightest attention to his paternal remonstrances, or the smallest regard for his interests: The earliest reference to a human mind rather than body as "well-rounded" occurs somewhat surprisingly late. Bulletin and Good Roads August 26, But even a well-rounded limb is not so desirable [in a bicyclist], all in all, as a well-rounded mind, and if it may be so termed, a well-rounded heart. But let the well-roundedness of things end here, for the well-rounded spinal-column of the scorcher is an object not to be commended nor emulated.

And the use of well-rounded to describe broad-based competence is later still. If one criticism more than another applies to the men of our profession, it is that they aren't men first, and engineers afterwards, but that a well-rounded balanced manhood is made to wait until a man has made a professional success of himself. Of course there are exceptions; but these exceptions simply serve to prove the rule, since these few well-grounded, broadly cultivated men with a surplus of humanity are the men who stand at the very top of our profession.

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Speaking of personality, one notes another element in the success of the well-rounded man ; namely, that he very speedily recognizes that since business must be done by human beings, the human equation is paramount. Over the years from to , we can see the figurative notion of well-rounded evolving from application to particular sentences to general discourse to the human mind or personality to a person's breadth of experience. The following is from The Mirror of Literature, By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. That isn't really a good definition of 'well-rounded'. Someone with skills in Ancient Sanskrit, plumbing and tightrope walking would not be 'well-rounded' - they would just have several unconnected skills. Well-rounded minds The earliest reference to a human mind rather than body as "well-rounded" occurs somewhat surprisingly late.

Conclusion Over the years from to , we can see the figurative notion of well-rounded evolving from application to particular sentences to general discourse to the human mind or personality to a person's breadth of experience. Sven Yargs k 16 While I said that no other meaning would occur to me that's just because 'well-rounded' ONLY means one thing to me as a collocation. But why would it be an "insult"? Is it because some people might think "well-rounded" meant "fat"? Once again, I wouldn't see it like that at all. It's a very non-sexual way to describe someone who has fine proportions, surely - and is 'round' in all the right places?

I would find it a rather pleasant comment - especially as I'm not "round" even in the places I should be!! I suppose it is like Hedy says - a phrase to use with a little caution know your audience!

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jerry Vest resides in Winter Park, Florida. He spends his NOT THAT WELL ROUNDED - Kindle edition by Jerry Vest. Not That Well Rounded [Jerry Vest] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A poignant comedy born of tragedy as one man's search for.

I have the same attitude as Romany , really. Something 'well-burned' is burned as it should be. Something 'badly-burned' is burned more than it should be. Once a rarity, now found in every specialist bakery.

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The tragic beginning to freedom and redemption was masterfully described in courageous detail. Customers who bought this item also bought. I'm in New York City, so I would rather hear that I'm talented, learned, intellectual, streetwise, as well as, well rounded I would agree with NKM for me "well-rounded" is a compliment meaning a person is capable , knowledgable and has a good personality. He has spent many years talking to, as well as listening to prisoners, students, juvenile delinquents, parishioners, ministers and counselors about bringing solutions to the problems created by untreated alcoholism. Not knowing where you're from, it's hard to know what it means in your neck of the woods

Also known in Britain as 'well-fired loaves'. It could well be taken that way, and in today's hyper-sensitive world, there are many who look for a reason to be insulted. Such individuals would have no problem taking it the wrong way. Add to that the idea that it objectifies a woman's body when used for a female, and you have grounds for such offense in their minds. Foundit, Well, even if I thought that pertained to where I live I'm referring to the city, not the entire United Kingdom , I should, for that very reason then, refuse to conform to such a silly scenario.

Drago says he's experienced the same thing. People refrain from using the English language correctly "just in case" some deranged individual with too much time on their hands "might", in the depths of THEIR ignorance, tease some far-fetched "insult" in it! I'd defend myself with the English language in which "well-rounded" has absolutely no actionable policy on the use of the phrase, nor any societal or cultural restraints either!

I had exactly the same reaction as Hedy did as soon as I saw the title of the topic; the only thing that popped into my mind was: I am the way, and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me. Then immediately quote something from John or the other three?

I am a lay-about. You know who I am wrote: I'm going to take a stab at what I think you are saying, You know who I am A well rounded woman has nothing to do with promiscuity or fat DragOnspeaker , that loaf of panini scurissimi, looks scrumptious FounDit , you wrote, "round in all the right places" I usually tend to like well rounded people, whether they are well rounded or well rounded. In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded. I thought I had known the meaning of "well-rounded" and at first I didn't bother reading this thread.

When I saw the subject line of the thread, I thought that some English beginner had asked something about a curvaceous woman. Then I realized I had not known the principal meaning of the expression.

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Merriam-Webster doesn't say anything about "well-rounded" in reference to a woman's body. The dictionary defines the expression only as: In this regard, "well-rounded" could be interpreted as any of the following: Thanks, hedy mmm, for "zaftig"-- that's a new addition to my vocabulary.


I checked Online Etymology Dictionary , zaftig" comes from German "saft" juice. So, "zaftig" means "juicy". Zaftig sounds like some kind of onomatopoeia. That whole list - and it didn't include the basic POW!


This has turned into the likes of the comment section of various popular advice columns. People are looking to find fault where none is intended, and deliberately twisting statements to cause irritation.

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It's juvenile behavior and we don't need any more of it than what we already have. It's a Very Positive thing to say. For the rest of us the "insult" meaning doesn't come into the equation. And yes, we do talk about linguistic and dialectical differences often. We come from different places all over the world, and some are ESL learners, so we keep trying to stress the differences in different English dialects. Otherwise great confusion can occur! I like chubby Elle King, who is a daughter of Rob Schneider.

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