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Here is the trailer: For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 12 comments. Dec 13, karen marked it as to-read. I barely know her! Molly's Game is a memoir written by a woman who went from being a cocktail waitress to running an exclusive, but illegal, high-stakes underground poker enterprise and coming into conflict with entitled celebrities, mob bosses, and the FBI.

It's one of those off-kilter American dream stories where an outsider takes in guess who made a list of molly's game readalikes that Ben Mezrich retweeted? It's one of those off-kilter American dream stories where an outsider takes initiative and enjoys success in a big glitzy celebrity-gossip-filled way and the criminal aspect just makes them that much more appealing. We do romanticize our outlaw figures. Nonfiction book lists, even for highly narrative nonfiction like memoirs, tend to be closer to readarounds than readalikes, and this list is no different.

It identifies some of the most prominent elements of the book: This is my hand, you tell me if I won. And don't miss our Molly's Game giveaway! Ahead of the movie adaptation release on Christmas Day, we're giving away tickets to see Molly's Game on the big screen, and copies of the memoir that started it all!

Click through to enter to win! Feb 04, notgettingenough rated it did not like it Shelves: Hard to imagine a characterisation of The American Dream which is more repulsive than this. Not to mention a movie which preserves for posterity the repellent nature of the game of poker. As one who has played games in serious ways at high levels, to watch dicks and pigs sitting there swilling around, chucking away hundreds of millions of dollars in a real 'mine's bigger than yours' comp is embarrassing.

To think I once thought of learning this game - one mistake I have avoided in life. I'm used Hard to imagine a characterisation of The American Dream which is more repulsive than this. I'm used to an intellectual, rigorous quality to the games I play and poker doesn't begin to cut it. I mean, truly ugggghhhhhhhhhhhh. I challenge anybody to come away from this movie and feel other than defiled. It was an incredibly unedifying experience.

Made worse by the discovery, upon checking that the movie had stuck to the facts that: What is Molly Bloom doing today? Molly is using her networking experience to reach fellow women and help them become successful. So I want to help women to be successful. View all 4 comments. Jun 16, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Molly Bloom is an ultra-motivated young woman who is used to achieving personal goals by overcoming obstacles.

A member of a seemingly wholesome and similarly motivated family, she left Colorado for the west coast where by indenturing and ingratiating herself to the right people, she became hostess of a high stakes poker game at which movie stars and business barons wagered the lifetime wages of a working stiff like me on the turn of a card. I found her book nicely structured and remarkably well- Molly Bloom is an ultra-motivated young woman who is used to achieving personal goals by overcoming obstacles.

I found her book nicely structured and remarkably well-written, although the last quarter of the book seems rushed and not as detailed as the first part of the book. The politics involved in her keeping the game are fascinating; naturally as soon as people realized she was thriving unsavoury characters wanted to cut in on her action. Molly doesn't shy away from telling the reader exactly who is a jerk and who is solid; baby face Tobey Maguire is one chap who doesn't come out too well.

As much as I found the book hard to put down, I felt there were parts of the story not being told, and little sober reflection on morality was exhibited. Ms Bloom allowed people to denigrate and humiliate her in order to earn large quantities of cash, and I found that surprising when I consider her advantaged upbringing. I also thought that little consideration was given to the obscene hedonistic lifestyle of the principals involved in the games Bloom hosted Probably enough money was lost at her tables to build a city of houses for disadvantaged people. It's a highly entertaining quick read.

Mar 19, Melinda rated it it was ok Shelves: Another convicted felon turning their misfortune into a windfall. Molly a sheltered small town gal from Colorado, raised by loving parents, privileged, educated, ventures to LA and finds herself lured by money, mystique and celebrities as she plays hostess in high stakes poker games, soon commandeering the games on her own.

I wasn't born with a way to get it. I was waiting for my opportunity, and somehow I knew it would come. The story only came to my attention when it was made into a movie , but the "I wanted a big life, a grand adventure, and no one was going to hand it to. The story only came to my attention when it was made into a movie , but the story intrigued me enough to reach for her memoir.

The story is one of those American Dream ones: Colorado-born Molly moves to Los Angeles and starts working as a cocktail waitress before a chain of events gives her the opportunity to host a poker game - the players including people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Todd Phillips the director of Hangover. The first few pages irritated me slightly - Bloom isn't the most eloquent writer and when she briefly covered her upbringing I had that suspicion she would put herself in the role of the victim, trying to make the public like her after all people knew about her upon release was how she had to spend a year in prison.

But it didn't take long for me to be drawn into the story. Bloom was smart, she knew how to play the game and she did it well. The game was my entry into a world I wanted to be part of. I could do a game with politicians, artists, royalty. Every subset of every society had gamblers within it, and unearthing them was my speciality. And it's an uncomfortable, business and money driven world. While she changed some names, others she talks about freely.

The only one coming off as a proper dick , however, was Tobey Maguire. Money is the great equaliser. If the story itself interests you, it definitely won't disappoint you as a read. I committed a cardinal sin: I watched the movie before I read the book. In my weak defence I had no idea what any of it was about. I vaguely remember reading about the Tobey Maguire and Leo DiCaprio poker scandal a few years ago, but I don't think I paid much attention to any of it.

So after I watched the movie, I was morbidly curious. And I was not disappointed. Look, Molly's Game won't be winning any literary awards. It's very obviously written by someone who's not a writer.

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The whole thing gets I committed a cardinal sin: The whole thing gets wonky at times and if you truly think about it, there's no much plot at all. The book is a straightforward, almost unbelievable memoir of the girl who for years organised underground high stakes poker games in Los Angeles and New York. To say that I was glued to the pages is putting it mildly. I was completely riveted by the implausibility of it all.

Poker Princess, Wall Street poker players, Hollywood poker players, donkeys. You were workin' as a waitress in a cocktail bar When I met you I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around Turned you into someone new Now five years later on you've got the world at your feet Success has been so easy for you But don't forget, it's me who put you where you are now And I can put you back down too. Molly Bloom moved to Los Angeles from Colorado, seeking fame and glory. Working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, she stumbled into a job as personal assistant to an abrasive guy nam You were workin' as a waitress in a cocktail bar When I met you I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around Turned you into someone new Now five years later on you've got the world at your feet Success has been so easy for you But don't forget, it's me who put you where you are now And I can put you back down too.

Working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, she stumbled into a job as personal assistant to an abrasive guy named "Reardon" with nebulous business dealings and connections to all sorts of rich and famous people. This leads to Molly running poker games attended by Hollywood A-listers and billionaires.

At first working for tips alone which could total tens of thousands of dollars a night in games where celebrities are dumping half a million dollars on the table , Molly climbs her way up until she is running the games herself, with an exclusive invitee list in LA and New York. This ultimately proves to be her undoing - when she is merely collecting tips, her job is in a legal gray area, but she's pretty safe she actually retains a lawyer, makes sure to pay taxes on her earnings, and so on.

But as she became more ambitious, and greedier, once she's actually organizing the games and collecting a "rake" the house's share of any money bet , she has become the operator of an illegal gambling enterprise. And that's how the book ends, with Bloom given the full FBI home-invasion treatment and then awaiting trial. As a casual poker player myself, I sometimes wonder how I'd do against celebrity poker players. While a few, like Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire, have reputations for being very skilled players, most of the big names known for playing poker probably aren't serious students of the game.

You can see this when you sit down at tables with people who will make the most statistically ridiculous bets because they see poker as "gambling," and not a game of probabilities and long-term odds. Of course those people are really annoying when they get lucky and crack your aces with a offsuit "because it's my birthday hand! Anyway, I found this book very interesting as a rags-to-riches-to-convicted-felon story of a former cocktail waitress, but Molly's Game is not really very much about poker.

Molly herself was never really a player, and I think her knowledge of the game never extended beyond what she needed to run it. One of the interesting things about her memoir is that she freely names names - big names. A few people she keeps obscured like her original boss, the mysterious "Reardon" , but she talks openly about games involving Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, A-rod, and numerous Hollywood executives and billionaires who also came to her games.

Surprisingly enough, there really isn't a lot of "dirt" on any of them, since all she has to say is that they liked to play poker and play at being alpha males, as you'd expect. Except Tobey Maguire, who really comes off as a dick in this book. According to Bloom, Maguire actually organized the games using Bloom as his intermediary for his own profit. His not-so-secret scheme was basically to go "whale fishing," luring very rich, very bad players to his game with his buddies like Leonardo DiCaprio, whose buy-ins he was actually paying for.

It worked very well for Maguire, who has actually won poker championships, but as Bloom tells it, Maguire was cheap, a bad tipper, a sore loser, and eventually he squeezed Bloom out of the game because he resented the relatively small amount she was making for her work to keep it running. She tells about one night when he tried to make her "bark like a seal" for her tip after a game, and when she refuses, this seems to be the point where he starts moving to get rid of her. All of that is interesting if you like celebrity gossip and poker stories, but I was also interested in Bloom's own development.

She's never exactly bad , but it's clear that she went swimming with sharks, knowing what she was doing, and wanting to be involved in that world of money and glamour, but thinking she could somehow avoid becoming either a shark or shark-bait herself. The breakdown in her personal relationships, as she loses one rich boyfriend after another to her career ambitions, does not make her reconsider her life choices. Eventually, having been essentially run out of Los Angeles by Tobey Maguire, if her account of his behind the scenes machinations is correct , Bloom succeeds in starting up in New York City, running games for super-rich Wall Street types on a level above even what she was running in LA.

This is the point where she runs into organized crime. What struck me was her naivete - did she really think she could be running games like this in New York City and not attract the attention of the big boys? Even when a couple of goons corner her and explain to her that she's just acquired some partners and how things are going to be, she thinks she can just say no thanks.

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This works about as well as you'd expect, though she is saved from her own stupidity by a fortuitous major FBI operation that rounds up all the guys who were about to continue her education the following week. She flees back to Colorado, but in the aftermath of the FBI operation, her name gets dropped and eventually the FBI comes after her too. Following the publication of her book, Bloom ended up getting a mere slap on the wrist, since her only role was basically to organize poker games. Of course, she'd also had all her previous proceeds confiscated, and now she's an unemployed ex-cocktail waitress with only a book to her credit.

My impression of Bloom, reading her own memoir, is that she was hungry for money and glory, but neither ruthless enough for that world nor scrupled enough to maintain boundaries. So it was no surprise that everything came crashing down. Still, it's clear she wasn't a hardened criminal, and the super-rich, entitled men she was organizing games for would certainly never face any consequences. I'll be interested to see if Bloom is actually able to parlay this into any sort of meaningful future. According to her post-publication interviews, her current angle is trying to get it turned into a movie or TV deal View all 3 comments.

Jan 25, Leftbanker rated it did not like it Shelves: This chick is just about the most materialistic idiot that you could ever imagine. Champagne, yachts, VIP lists, and everything and anything expensive dazzle her like a prehistoric fish to a shiny lure. She tolerates her ex-boss, a guy who treats her worse than an animal. If ever there were a guy in need of an ass-kicking it was this creep yet she goes on to become actual friends with him. Then she branches off on her own, watching filthy rich assholes throw away fortunes on poker games.

I realize that this book belongs on the crap pile but I liked the movie, which was a huge surprise for me. I hate gambling of any sort. Aaron Sorkin did a great job of pulling a gem out of this turd of a book. If Toby McGuire is half the asshole she makes him out to be in this book then someone should throw him down a long flight of concrete stairs. Whatever, she put up with it instead of packing up and leaving. Believe it or not, men often find themselves in situations in which they are the weak party.

If they tolerate their situation without standing up for themselves they have no one to blame but themselves. There is nothing glamorous about gambling. It's a pathetic addiction like smoking meth and every bit as destructive. The very idea that you can somehow get something for nothing is moronic and goes against every principle of what forms an adult human being.

I never understood those Bond movies where he is wearing a tux and playing in a casino which is no different than rolling dice in a filthy alley. Would it be glamorous if instead of handing over a stack of chips the loser had to suck the other dude's cock? Maybe that's your thing, I'm not being judgmental. Aug 08, Lisa Carlson rated it did not like it Recommended to Lisa by: This is the story of an attractive, sheltered, spoiled young woman who grew up in Colorado in a family where success was expected not pursued.

Even though she made the US national ski team she appeared to live in the shadow of her other siblings and it didn't seem good enough for her father. Arriving in Los Angeles with no goals it isn't surprising she began as a waitress and caught the eye of a pompous blowhard. What follows is a lucrative but demeaning job as his assistant and eventually leads This is the story of an attractive, sheltered, spoiled young woman who grew up in Colorado in a family where success was expected not pursued.

What follows is a lucrative but demeaning job as his assistant and eventually leads to the secret high end poker game with the likes of mediocre movie stars. This book feels like there's many details missing and probably for a very good reason. The writing is sophomoric which screams a Hollywood movie in the distant future. Read this as part of my books to film challenge.

What a situation this young girl found herself in. Amazing and very smart! I really loved the film and felt it was close to the book. This was a great story. The Poker Princess totally has won me over. Her life makes for a very entertaining read. Molly starts off with a life of privilege. Her father pushes her and her siblings, so no wonder she ends up on the on the US Ski team and take a medal, even after back surgery. Once Moll This was a great story.

Once Molly hits LA for a year off of college she lands a job working for a hot headed hustler who gives her an education that takes her to the top of her game. Running games for him, she learns how to network and make the right contacts to eventually take over the game. What follows is a woman in her element and makes for one hell of an entertaining read. Right from the start I was turning pages. This was a quick read but definitely worth it. I am sure there was a lot left out of this story. There was quite a bit of insider information and loads of celebrities in these games.

To think Spider-Man Tobey Maguire was such a dick. Now the truth is out. Ben Afflack seemed like a pretty cool guy, but her old boss Reardon has some issues. Especially since she tried to follow the law throughout most of the story. It was a good read anyways.

Molly's Game: From Hollywood's Elite to Wall Street's Billionaire Boys Club, My High- Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker She was successful but felt like she was always coming from behind. .. Poker? I barely know her! Molly's Game is a memoir written by a woman who went. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Her Place at the Table. When Molly Bloom was a little Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in She was successful but felt like she was always coming from behind. her adventures running an exclusive high-stakes private poker game.

At the end of the book, Molly became a convicted felon and is awaiting her sentencing. Considering this happened on December 12, and the book was originally published in , that makes sense. But the edition of the book I read was the movie-tie in version, s Incredible story, and I can't wait to watch Jessica Chastain's portrayal of Molly Bloom. But the edition of the book I read was the movie-tie in version, so it would have been nice to have had an update.

I was able to find out this piece of information online: And I'm sure the movie will explain how it all ended for Molly. But what is yet to be revealed is where is Molly now? What is she doing? Feb 09, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: Blech -- I feel like I need a shower. The issue with memoirs or biographies, is that I find myself not only making assessments of the book, but also the person who is the subject of the book.

The book chronicles her rise from waitress to organizer of some of the world's most expensive private poker games and then, eventual arrest and downfall. Her chutzpuh and work ethic quickly give way to greed Blech -- I feel like I need a shower. Her chutzpuh and work ethic quickly give way to greed. There aren't a lot of likeable real-life characters in this book.

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If nothing else, one could consider this book a good warning on what happens when people put money, power, and success ahead of integrity and family. Jun 08, Darin rated it did not like it. I really wanted to enjoy this but it was the same story chapter after chapter. Girl gets what she wants. Girl gets knocked down. Girl finds her inner strength. Girl picks herself up. Stories and writing are sophomoric. Feels like the book version of Entourage.

I'm certain I will never get to pick for book club again after this monumental turd.

Sep 20, David Carraturo rated it it was amazing. Fun and interesting book, I was engaged the entire read and could not wait to pick it up again I love this underground world, so I overlooked any shortcomings in literary prowess, and took it for what it was I hope the movie stays true to the book, as the minutia was very interesting and the cast of characters was great.

Nov 02, Ozma rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed reading this book by a fellow Colorado girl and how she ended up running a high stakes, celebrity, underground poker game. I think she was a nice girl who got caught up in trying to make her mark in the world, be a success on her own, and then in the thrall of it all. I didn't find the story to be indulgent, and I appreciated many of the insights. Her father is a psychologist, and I believe she learned a lot from him about understanding human behavior. She came to the conclusion I really enjoyed reading this book by a fellow Colorado girl and how she ended up running a high stakes, celebrity, underground poker game.

She came to the conclusion for these men that had it all riches, women, maybe even fame , gambling in high stakes poker represented one of the few ways they could still take an enjoyable risk, like extreme skiing or something like that. It was their last way to get a thrill because they had it all otherwise. I enjoyed reading about her entrepreneurialism, her dedication to making the game she hosted into an experience. Otherwise, it was just a poker game. She had to do add on's including having sexy Playmates attend and charm the male players.

I was touched actually how she befriended the Playmates. With a private VIP area, we could party away along with the couple of thousand other revellers who had made the trip to the club. With drinks and dance moves both flowing, everyone got to enjoy themselves until nearly 5am when proceedings began to wind down.

With the dancing award going to David Lappin with the now rival video of him griding away readily available online if you dare sully your eyes! His poker career in ruins, thechiprace cohost dklappin auditions for a new career as an erotic dancer pic. I did a photo shoot session around Malta with Lenka and then I headed to rail the final table of the main event.

With some good strong play, it was a tough final table. I took a couple of days recovering in the sunshine of Malta from a hectic week at one of my favourite Unibet stops. The next leg of the Unibet Open will be in Bucharest and it has quite the week to match! Hope to see many of you there. Next up for me is a few weeks of hard work studying and preparing for the WSOP. I was lucky enough to spend the first couple of months of this year travelling- mainly in Australia, before returning to start my poker schedule in London.

I got to see Kangaroos and Koalas up close and fell in love with amazing Aussie coffee you can get everywhere. Seriously, nearly every retail outlet or a restaurant has a mini indoor coffee bar where you can sit down and enjoy delicious drinks or take them away. It is a fantastic city which ended up being my favourite Aussie stop; diverse, arty and modern with lots of amazing dining options. Travelling back by the way of Japan for 10 days I was back in London for the first Unibet Open stop of sleeping off some jetlag and adjusting to the weather.

This event was great fun as always, lots of familiar faces in the Vic and from the Unibet Community also. It was lovely seeing everyone and catching up with friends. The ladies event was especially popular with 52 entries and the new QueenRules format led to a super entertaining tournament and decent prize pool.

Next up was Dublin for the Irish Open; sadly my quest for an Irish flag was unsuccessful but I had loads of fun and helped by the fact I was kindly hosted by my fellow Unibet Ambassador Dara and his lovely wife Mireille and treated to tasty daily breakfast, prosecco and great company! Anyone who read my Brighton blog last year knows that I have a fond affection for the place, having lived, worked and studied here in my time.

The sun was shining on my arrival at the lovely Malmaison overlooking the Marina. The hotel also had a tasty restaurant attached, a nice way to refuel on the tournament dinner break. It was a long final table and heads up battle to get this hands on the first prize and the trophy! Really nice guy, great player and a very deserved winner. Sunday also saw the renewal of the ladies event.

This time with a record 40 entries in total and as usual the prosecco was flowing on the friendly tables as familiar foes battled away! When my sister and I unfortunately bust we jumped into the Sunday night turbo event which was hilarious, even more so when my husband and I ended up on the final table. I settled for 4th place in the end and a mini profit for the day before hitting the bar with the tour regulars and Unibet family to celebrate yet another successful event. After a distinct lack of sleep I jumped on a flight to Lithuania excited to spend Easter with all the family and feed my addiction to cold beetroot soup!

The great ladies of poker around the world will be keeping me busy as they are crushing the live scene so far in and I love sharing their successes with all the ladies group on Facebook. This essentially means in selected special events, the queen ranks higher than the king in poker hands.

Look forward to seeing some of you there, or at the tables in the weeks before. Aussie mIllions , australia , daiva byrne , Irish Open , ladies event , ladies events , ladies poker , Poker , Poker Blog , Queen Rules , Queen Rules poker , the chip race , the chip race podcast , unibet open , Unibet Poker , Unibet Poker Ambassador , unibet poker uk tour. Jennifer Tilly is a famous actress and one of the most well known and talented female poker players.

After recently visiting London to promote her latest movie — Cult Of Chucky — she kindly found time for an interview with the Chip Race Podcast including answering a few questions we posed for females in the poker community. You were already a famous and successful actress, how did you then end up getting into poker? I grew up in a card playing family. When I was doing movies on location, I would always play with the teamsters between scenes, or teach the other actors how to play so we could have a game.

He really upped my game, and got me interested in playing professionally. Las Vegas is one of my favourite places in the world for poker; unlimited daily choice of tournament and cash game action, lush array of poker rooms, soft fields of recreational players and sometimes if you are lucky with your seat draw you get to rub shoulders with real poker superstars and battle versus some of the best players in the world;.

I flew in 5 days prior the main event so I could aclimatise and most importantly have some fun with friends. Jet lag is always a killer; you keep on waking up at 4am and is always good to have a spare few days to deal with it. The place had a massive outdoor Jacuzzi too which was a nice touch for the chilly evenings especially with the boys: It really was so much fun hanging out with everyone and to be fair we had no good reason to leave the house at all apart from some grocery shopping and for us girls some outlet exploring …..

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It is a pretty surreal experience standing there in the middle of the crowded street surrounded by constantly running light shows, live music and flamboyant street performers… it feels like being a part of one big open street party! It was a great night out and I was looking forward to doing nothing next day before moving to our next and the main stop — the Wynn hotel.

After cashing 3 of the on the trot in July, I was hoping for another deep run. I had a fun starting table. We analysed this pivotal hand in details with Dara on this Chip Race episode for those who would like to learn more about pre-flop shoving ranges when deep stacked. I also got to meet a super talented American pro Ryan Laplante for the first time. Such a lovely guy and a fun table companion. He paid me probably the most original compliment in my poker career to date: Oh well, at least it was a fun day and a decent warm up before the main event day 1a the following day I was heading back to the room with a smile on my face.

The poker room was buzzing with anticipation and it was great to see so many familiar faces and Unibet Open regulars. The worst possible outcome and super tilt! Unfortunately I got a profitable re-shove spot for my 20bb with AQ and got coolered when running into AK.

See a Problem?

Sometimes where is just nothing you can do…. The highlight of my day was having an poker legend Phil Laak seated next to me. I have to admit It was pretty surreal sharing a table with someone who I was used to only seeing and admiring on TV. Saturday was another day and I was feeling hopeful again. I had another shot at trying to make it through to day 2 of the main event. So I had a little nap before heading to the poker room.

I definitely needed my brain working on a full power there! It was a very entertaining table with lots of friendly banter at hand. And although sometimes I still feel nervous playing at the feature table it was certainly not one of those occasions. I was touching the shoulders with one of the best poker players in the world I somehow never felt more at ease. I really enjoyed having Chris to my left; it was fascinating watching him play and learning more about him as a player and person. He was very open, gregarious and very kind with his answers and time for the fans.

A true poker ambassador and I look forward to reading his 2nd poker book that recently hit the shelves. We seemed to share a mutual passion for travelling with Andrew, hence we enjoyed the next hour or so reminiscing about various wonderful places we have visited and swapping tips for future adventures. It was a fun set up till it lasted and Andrew was a great neighbour at a table to have….

You can read all about my Romanian UO adventures here. The next 3 days in Vegas went super quick for me. I stayed in my room with my husband watching in horror as the full extent of the situation filtered in on the news and we fielded messages to re-assure family. It put everything else in life into context and my thoughts are with all those effected both now and as they were in the days following the shootings.

Life can be fickle so I always try to enjoy it to the maximum. Work out of the way and it being last night for some of us in Vegas we headed for some team dinner at the Wynn Buffet. It was a great night out with friends and a lovely in muted ending to a fun trip. Huge numbers are being expected for Unibet Open in Bucharest next and I look forward to seeing you all there! The plan was to sort out the money and get the buy-in for the Main Event out of the way that evening to avoid the queues for the next day.

I hoped to replicate the killer instinct I saw in the Octagon at UFC in the biggest tournament of year the next day…. I had lots lovely messages to read and cards to open. Once I got to Rio Casino and was making my way to my starting table, I was taken aback by the sheer number of people in the corridors; there were thousands of them!

Not much happened in the first 2 levels. I played a handful of hands and increased my stack to 53k going into the first break. I nipped over to check on my poker friend Deborah Worley Roberts who had worked her way to heads up in the WSOP Ladies event and was playing for the bracelet. It was super exciting seeing someone you know doing so well and railing them for the most prestigious title there is in poker.

The next couple of levels went pretty quickly. Everywhere was super busy and there were massive queues outside all restaurants. I was glad to hear that Alan Widmann, Marc Convey and Dara were all doing fine in the Main and were feeling positive and confident. Alan was especially very excited as it was his first WSOP ME and he had a great start, sitting on over k in chips already. He was feeling very generous too and kindly paid for our dinner. I found out early in the morning that one of my uncles had passed away in a tragic accident a couple of days before and no one told me about it because it was my birthday and I was playing the main event.

I spent most of the day in bed crying and just nipped out for some food before returning to my room.

I defended A8ss and my turned straight got beat by the rivered house. I kept on bricking flops whilst my premium pairs got 3-outed post-flop. I slipped down to 31k after the first level and was relieved there was a break around the corner. I definitely needed some fresh air, coffee and a cuddle. I needed to re-group! The next couple of levels were a massive grind and not much fun at all; I was totally card dead and was running bad. I slipped down to 22bb before doubling with AA v AK just before the dinner break.

Mireille once again was in charge of dinner arrangements and we headed to her favourite restaurant in the Gold Coast and possibly Vegas! I headed back to the table ready for some action. The next couple of levels were all about re-steals. I had a decent English pro Mathew Frankland to my right who was opening very wide, so he was a perfect candidate I could exploit with my sub 20bb stack.

I grinded hard with junk to finish the day on 30k which was equivalent of 15bb and a dream coming back to day 3! Day 3 was definitely the most fun day of the Main for me. Although I came back with a short stack and could have easily busted early, I felt if I was due a good few levels and hoped they were coming now. The cards were falling my way too; I was picking hands, hitting flops and holding with the best made hand v draws. I was chipping up nicely and going into the dinner break I was sitting on around 60bb. My run good continued off the tables too.

I found an iPhone 7 in the ladies bathroom and the Chinese lady I managed to get it back to kindly paid all of our meal without us knowing about it! The atmosphere in the room was getting more electric and as this grew, so did the numbers of spectators and supporters on the rail. You could feel the tension in the room as everyone was constantly glancing at the clocks, stalling and smiling every time someone busted. I think I only got involved in a couple of pots and was pretty card dead before we were hand for hand. It would be nice to have had a big stack around the bubble, but now quite a bit shorter it was all about playing perfect poker for the circumstances.

The play was stopped as soon as the bubble burst.

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It was the best atmosphere I have ever experienced in the poker room! Everyone felt that collective feeling of achievements after a solid, hard three days of intense concentration. Once I bagged and tagged it was time for a quick drink with my friends and a cab ride home. One step at a time…. My day unfortunately was very short instead. I was pleased that I achieved the absolute maximum in the tournament and was destined to bust in this spot, even deeper stacked with the pre-flop action. After grabbing some required sustenance which was preparation for the 2 hour queue to cash-in I was ready to leave Vegas.

We collected our hire car- it was great it was a convertible Mustang, not so great it was bright orange! The next two weeks we planned a road trip, starting with our friends in LA and working our way up to Lake Tahoe. Baltic Blonde , daiva byrne , daiva pokeris , european open sepcial edition , Female poker player , Las Vegas , Poker , poker girl , poker in vegas , poker life , pokerblog , pokeris , unibet , Unibet Ambassadors , unibet open , unibetpoker , Vegas , wsop , wsop , wsop main event Having such a big group of us at the WSOP Ladies Championship supporting each other added to the buzzing atmosphere at the Rio and also converted into being an extra motivational drive, at least for me personally, to try even harder to succeed for the team.

It felt like I was having the perfect start when I looked at my registration ticket. My favourite number is 7 and my seat draw for the tournament read table 77, seat 7 and it was It must have been a sign, right!? One girl brought in a big tray of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to share with everyone including the bloggers: Poker action at my table was rather loose and quick; players were risking it all regardless of there being 1 hour clock. The atmosphere in the Amazon room was electrifying. Things were going smoothly at the table and I was up to a healthy stack that I continued to build after a capable player Julie Anna Cornelius got sat opposite me.

She had a big stack of chips and was pretty active with it. Naturally we ended up playing a few significant pots against each other. In one of the hands Julie opened from mid position just over 2. I defended my BB with pocket sixes. I considered ck raising but felt that ck calling was a more optimal option with my set versus this player.

Although the turn came 7s and I had no spade in my hand, I still felt it was a good card for my range particularly taking into account her facial reaction to the card and her quick check back. At this point I put her on a medium strength show down hand and possibly an over pair played cautiously wary of sets and two pairs in my range which would be trying to control the size of the pot rather than a drawing hand which most likely bets again.

Then however not long after that I went on a bad run; I lost some chips when I ran my top pair into a set and lost another chunky pot in a BB v Btn situation. I defended with KQ n ck called on K58 rainbow flop, turn 10 ck ck, river Before I knew it I had slipped down to 20bb and fortunately there was a dinner break round the corner. I needed some fresh air, some food and a glass of wine in the company my lovely girlies in order to clear my head. I was glad to see that most of the girls were still in and doing very well.

Although I managed to increase my stack to 30bb with some successful shoving and 3-betting action, still poker gods had some other ideas for me this time. I have to admit I was extremely disappointed, after having such a great start, having a good read of the players at my starting table and being so close to the pay outs players cashed.

What an amazing performance and fantastic achievement! After one year, it was great to be back in Vegas with a whole host of games before me. After leaving it later than I planned and weighing up options I booked any initial 10 days at the Wynn at a super good rate. Also the standard rooms are very spacious, beautifully decorated and very quiet, which is important when getting good nights sleep between the poker sessions.

But most importantly it had the Wynn Summer Classic running with some great structured games and decent fields you love to play against. As always I spent my first couple of days sleeping off Jetlag I hate playing and being tired and catching up with friends already there. After a couple of fun lunches and dinners with Unibet team I ended up against my better judgement taking a helicopter ride across the strip with my friend Dara who had this included in a package he had won playing online and kindly invited me to join him.

Anyhow, onto poker and my initial few games. With the Wynn catering to my penchant to getting up late and then jumping into well structured games- it made sense to start there. I was comfortable with my starting table -also finally I was running better than the proceeding months leading up to Vegas. Like all players you play your way through these patches knowing that if you keep doing things right, things will fall into place a little more over time.

Nevertheless I was feeling very positive and happy about a great start to the trip and I was looking forward to the next game. It was a fun day off before another session at theWynn.

After locking the second cash of the trip, It was time for some late night dinner with friends and some rest. I started pretty well , but then ended up card dead and losing two flips to bust early in the evening. It was 4th of July Independance Day in the US and although it was crazy busy on the strip we managed to get a sneaky view of some beautiful fireworks for a perfect ending to a fun night. Next morning I was off to play the Helix Ladies event. Following a sunny few days in Barcelona, I was on my way to Copenhagen for more sunshine and poker.

It was my first time visiting this Scandinavian city which I had heard so many good things about and I was looking forward to seeing if it lived up to the hype almost as much as participating in another Unibet Open stop! I arrived at the Radisson Blu Copenhagen on Monday afternoon which was to be my home for the next week and the site of a whole load of poker and drinks before the week was out.

It was located very centrally with great views across the city.

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After settling in I headed for dinner with my fellow Unibet Ambassadors and spent the evening catching up on the least few weeks with everyone. The following day after some media stuff, we headed out into the immediate area to explore the city and film some content for upcoming videos. The streets were full of cyclists everywhere you looked and people just strolling about in the sunshine. It seemed the roads were quiet and calm, without the usual noise of a busy capital city. It some ways it felt like a town, but it offers most of what you could wish for in a big city.

There were tons of stalls inside and loads of seating outside next to the waterside with views across the city. We bought a few different foods from around the world and settled into the deckchairs outside to relax in the sunshine. I had a reasonable start to the tournament, calling down a player with with mid pair on a Q,6,3, 10, Q board who had barrelled 3 streets with A high. My stack remained healthy until taking a dent from a bit of a cooler with AQ v KK on a queen high flop.