Dawn Comes Early (The Brides Of Last Chance Ranch Series)

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Dawn Comes Early, Brides of Last Chance Ranch Series #1

Stuck Together, Trouble in Texas Series 3. Swept Away, Trouble in Texas Series 1. Caught in the Middle. A Beauty So Rare 2. Twisted Innocence, Moonlighter Series 3, Paperback. Remember me When, Women of Hope Series 2. When Grace Sings 2. Disgraced dime novelist Kate Tenney fled the city that banned her latest novel for the emptiness of the desert.

Answering an ad to be "heiress" to a vast cattle ranch in the Arizona Territory, Kate hopes ranching turns out to be as romantic as she portrayed it in her novels. Faced with an outlaw from the get go, Kate is thrown into the wild and wonderful world of western life. Luke Adams is the local blacksmith. He ends up rescuing that crazy city girl Kate from numerous situations. Their romance was so much fun to watch with some exceptional scenes that would look good on the big screen!

The main aspect that kept me so engaged while reading this book was how well I got to know each and every character. There are a few scenes in the book when Kate reads to the ranch hands from one of her dime novels and all I can say is — they are priceless! I woke my husband from a sound slumber with my laughter.

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Containing a strong spiritual thread, I never felt like I was being hit over the head with it. I want to thank Margaret Brownley for asking me to be an influencer once again and providing an Advanced Reader Copy for review purposes. Feb 29, Margaret Metz rated it really liked it. This was a truly fun read. Those who read my reviews most often know how I love realism and this book had a genuine feel of community to it. The emphasis was on them, but the other characters were moving forward in their lives as well.

It made the story more three dimensional. There was tension, action, romance, and comic relief rig This was a truly fun read. There was tension, action, romance, and comic relief right from the beginning. I loved Cactus Joe and thought the author was brilliant creating him as both villain and a sort of tragic clown. The whole idea of Kate being a writer of banned books was genius. It created such a buzz about her in town - and a lot of discussion that is still applicable today. Each character felt like they had a history that was well developed and interesting.

I loved getting to know them. Because of that, their actions and the story line was even more dynamic. I loved some of the choices they made - like Kate and the windmill. You have to read to know what I'm talking about. I don't want to give anything away. The only thing I wish could have happened was more time spent between Luke and Kate. I know that was realistic for the time period though.

This is one I would heartily recommend. I want to thank Thomas Nelson for providing a copy in exchange for my honest review. May 05, Virginia Campbell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Historical Western Romance is my favorite genre--it's in my blood. I never tire of reading about the American Old West, and the reading is especially pleasurable when the author crafts the story with characterizations and descriptive writing so vivid that the words have "flavor".

Kate Tenney is a Boston-based "Dime Novel" author who heads West when her latest book is banned for indecency. An ad offering an Arizona ranch for free to a woman of good character who vows to remain single seems like the perfect "last chance" for Kate. Even though she made a living writing about the Old West, she is unprepared for the hard reality of life on a working ranch, where "dawn comes early" every single day.

She is also unprepared for her feelings toward Luke Adams, the local blacksmith, who is unlike any man she has ever met. Kate's difficult childhood and abandonment issues have left her with a deep mistrust of men. She is a self-educated woman, a graduate of the "school of hard knocks". She has never allowed herself to truly love or to experience real faith. She often imagines that the things that happen to her are actually scenes from a book.

The people she meets in Cactus Patch, Arizona each have a life-changing effect on Kate, and faith begins to heal her heart, leaving her wanting to give her heart to Luke. With the help of Luke's two matchmaking aunts, the wise ranch hand Ruckus, and some divine intervention, will Kate find peace of mind and reach out for the new world of love and happiness that awaits? I truly enjoyed this story, and I was touched by Kate's struggles and character growth and burgeoning spirituality.

Review Copy Gratis Amazon Vine Aug 19, Tamara Tilley rated it liked it Shelves: Author Kate Tenney has left Boston with her tail between her legs.

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When her current novel is banned, she decides to start fresh in the open Arizona territory. As a dime novelist, she has long romanticized the rugged West. Now, she is going to find out first hand that the untamed West is one part charm and three parts blood, sweat, and tears.

Trying to impress the salty female land owner she now works for, Kate finds out there is more to the great outdoors than beautiful sunsets and handsome heroes. Obstinate and feeling as if she has nowhere to go, Kate knows her future hinges on not only learning all there is about cattle ranching, but swearing off the romantic entanglements of a certain blacksmith. But Luke Adams seems to show up at the most unexpected times and is slowly quelling the fears of abandonment that have scared Kate from a very young age.

The back cover of this book held all the promises of a good read. But somehow, I feel it fell a little flat. I did enjoy the secondary character of Ruckus, the tough-as-leather ranch foreman that soon develops a soft spot for Kate. His fatherly ways were sweet and gave his character some depth that I thought was lacking in some of the other key players. Mar 21, Wendy Hines rated it really liked it. Kate Tenney writes dime novels, otherwise known as potboilers.

But her last novel was banned, being named immoral.

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Dawn Comes Early (Brides of Last Chance Ranch) [Margaret Brownley] on Since then she has published the Rocky Creek series and A Lady Like Sarah was. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. New York Times best-selling author Margaret Brownley has penned more than twenty-five historical and contemporary.

Disgusted and disgraced, Kate answers an ad in the paper - a woman looking for an heiress. Kate has never ranched before but she's wrote about it. It should be a piece of cake to pass the test and soon become owner of the large ranch. She's in over her head, not realizing how hard ranch work is, but she won't quit. She'll even find the contract that she will remain forever a spinster Kate Tenney writes dime novels, otherwise known as potboilers.

She'll even find the contract that she will remain forever a spinster if she inherits and becomes the boss lady. Even when the blacksmith, Luke Adams, finds himself attracted to Kate, and she him, she turns him away. When a local criminal decides to kidnap Kate, Adam stops at nothing to find her. When the urge to write strikes her, she begins to write at night and work the ranch by day. There's no room for a relationship in her life.

She has her relationship with God and that will have to suffice but what if God has other plans for Kate? I love reading stories set in the past, where things were simpler. I adored Logan's aunts - they really livened things up in the tale. Dawn Comes Early is filled with love, promise, struggle and faith. I can't wait to read the next in this delightful series! I found myself caught up in their lives and hated to see it end. Apr 07, Kav rated it it was amazing. Western comedy at it's best, but Dawn Comes Early will pull at your heartstrings too.

Kate heads into Cactus Patch with a lot more baggage than the single trunk she brought from Boston. It takes a run-in with an outlaw and repeated associations with the local blacksmith to begin shaking that baggage loose. And all the while she's learning the rigorous work of ranch-life through hands-on experience. Let's just say there isn't a lull in this action-packed, emotionally-fraught and side-splitting h Western comedy at it's best, but Dawn Comes Early will pull at your heartstrings too.

Let's just say there isn't a lull in this action-packed, emotionally-fraught and side-splitting historical novel. As always, Brownley's characters shine. Sub-plots involving secondary characters are by turns humourous and touching and add extra spark to an already dazzling story. A definite delight to read. Jan 22, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this humorous tale of Kate Tenney's life. She's quite the gal to grab hold with both hands and make her way in the world! I especially enjoyed the advertising idea that brings about the final climax of the story no more hints, though; you'll have to read it yourself , and how the ending was brought together after everything went totally wrong for a spell.

Definitely will be reading the rest of this series when I get the chance. Feb 16, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a re-read for me ams probably more like a 3. Had I remembered more of the story I probably wouldn't have read it again. It's an okay story but not on of my favorites.

Definitely worth the first read but probably not the second. Aug 21, BlueJeansAndTeacups rated it really liked it. I recently binge read all 3 books in the series over about a one-week period. They were great fun, filled with outlaws, ranch hands with classic nicknames, rancher talk, fun supporting characters in the townsfolk and romance. The women were strong and the men were kind along with plenty of God moments that filled my soul. I would definitely recommend this series. Looking for a woman of good character and pleasant disposition willing to learn ranching business in Arizona Territory.

Each book encounters a new potential heiress hungry for a new life and willing to swear off men. Luke Adams is the town blacksmith, who Kate mistakenly calls Brandon, the hero of her novels after an unfortunate run-in with outlaw Cactus Jack.

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She is determined not to develop feelings for him, and ruin her chance at the ranch, no matter how drawn to him she is. Lula-Belle made a funny choking sound. How else can you explain its sudden appearance? Did you ever hear about it when we were young? God will need to do a work to bring them together. The ranch ad seems like the perfect cover to apprehend him. And who would suspect a female agent? Jeremy Taggart has also been assigned by Wells Fargo to go undercover. Each suspects the other of being in cahoots with the Phantom, despite their obvious attractions to each other and will do whatever it takes to capture him, including using the other for information.

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BTW, steer wasn't an error. They are only together a handful of times, half of which are not positive encounters and yet we're supposed to believe they've fallen in love? Sparkles stars and fireworks huzzah. The ranch ad seems like the perfect cover to apprehend him. Dear romance authors of America: First, I enjoyed the setting. But she reminds herself that no man can be trusted, so she is trying hard to get Luke out of her head—she must only think about the Ranch.

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It can even slow aging. Opinions are my own and shared for no compensation. Jan 27, Veray rated it really liked it. An interesting story about a young woman who had been abandoned by her father and then watched her mother be abused by the men in her life. She decides to answer an add about becoming the heiress to a large ranch run by another woman who didn't want anything to do with men.

She is a writer who has lost face having written a story with a real kiss in it and thinks she know about the life in the west when she has lived in the city all her life. The characters in the book are cute and some of the th An interesting story about a young woman who had been abandoned by her father and then watched her mother be abused by the men in her life.

The characters in the book are cute and some of the things that happen to her are hilarious. I don't think it was written as a comedy though as a lot of it is serious too, but it was an enjoyable read and had a lovely ending.

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The villain in this book is quite funny. I would highly recommend it. Mar 13, Whitney White rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed the premise of this book and how it was so different from other historical fiction romance novels. I didn't think it spent too much time on the romance, unlike many other books I have read.

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I loved Miss Walker and Aunt Bessie's character development throughout this and the future two books. I read this series of 3 out of order but even though I think i would have enjoyed them more in order i still liked this book well enough. I thought it got a little redundant with how the man of the story felt inferior and even the heroine's insecurities were kinda beaten to death but a light read nonetheless.

Aug 10, Sonya rated it really liked it Shelves: Margaret inserts a sprinkling of Christian truths throughout the book in the context of the character's real life that gives you the truth without shoving it down your throat. I enjoyed the side plots that the main character's book created. Loved the play on words that the "simple" speaking character inserted.

An enjoyable and deep read. Loved how Luke won Kate in the end. Jun 11, Julie Lence rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 01, Kym McNabney rated it it was amazing. Kate Tenney fled the city she was raised in for what she hoped would be a new life. One that would earn her the respect she sought her entire life. Kate would need to prove to the ranch owner that she was worthy of inheriting her ranch, and learning to ride a horse first would come in handy.

But learning new words is not his greatest challenge. This is not the first book I read by MS. What an unbelievable blessing it is when you run across a book that contains every aspect of writing that is needed to produce a brilliant story. I am convinced that the top priority in a great book is good writing. Without it, no matter if the rest of the qualities are there, it will fail. I have read countless of what I call, cowboy books. Typically the hero and heroine meet right at the start, and continue to encounter one another on a regular basis throughout the book.

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