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Do you mean to tell me you are still not convinced? Do you still doubt the sheer awesomeness of it all? I have better things to do with my life. And if you don't? Well maybe just maybe it means I was right from the beginning. Maybe just maybe you're hopeless. This book is so cool, so entertaining, so action-packed, so yay-I can't put-this-down-omg-why—is-it-finished-already-please-give-me-the-next-instalment-now that I don't even feel like writing a review for it.

Sounds much better than: Don't you think I have better things to do with my life?! Can you believe how considerate I am? No need to thank me. No more messy plot. No more confusing writing. Yes, I am aware I've already said something very similar to this at the beginning of this review. And your point is? Yeah, I thought as much. Just wanted to make sure I got the message across. Just let me know if I need to rehash it a little bit. I'd be glad to do it.

It would be no problem at all. I aim to please. Don't hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure. I think I'm going to die. View all 26 comments. Yes, it's between me and the two characters in this series, don't judge. I'm having a hard time deciding who I love more, Cayan or Rohnan.

This was still as thrilling and captivating as the first book. I thought I wouldn't like the plot of this because of how the last book ended. But no, I still genuinely loved it. I don't think I can comment much without giving away the plot. So, I'm going to be really vague now. The additional characters were interesting especially Rohnan my love. He's just a damn ray of sunshine not to mention super easy on the eyes. He's sensitive which made him really adorable.

And his relationship with Shanti was heartwarming.

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Start by marking “Chosen (The Warrior Chronicles, #1)” as Want to Read: Want to .. They also had no problems with nudity which is the only thing I would have. Kiara O'connell its out now just bought it on amazon. flag · How many books are going to be in The Warrior Chronicles? Where I'd struggled in the beginning of part one to get my mind into the story and this world with all the different types.

Thank you for, again, stating the obvious. What did I do without you all this year? Although there were quite a few suggestions of jealousy here, I must admit. But like I said before, romance was not a main thrust of this series. And Sander's dry humor was on point too. I just love every single character in this series. I highly, highly recommend this series. View all 8 comments. Well, my friends know that I totally fangirled over the first book in this series, Chosen.

I even admitted to a girl-crush on Shanti. Shanti is an amazingly strong and kick-ass female protagonist. She is absolutely still a new favorite of mine. I just didn't feel this book as much as the first. Maybe I just got too spoiled with the humor and banter, while this one is darker and more serious.

I loved the supporting characters in the first book and they don't even come back into this one rea Well, my friends know that I totally fangirled over the first book in this series, Chosen. I loved the supporting characters in the first book and they don't even come back into this one really until about halfway through! There were two main new characters that took up a big chunk of the book. Were they good characters? So what's my problem? I just had a hard time really getting into it and found myself easily distracted. The story is interesting.

I understand the need for a more serious vibe with the way the plot is developing. I really don't know. I liked it, but I didn't love it. I wanted more romance with Shanti and Cayan. Usually, a slow-burn romance is a preference, but in this case Anyway, I'm still going to keep going. Book 3 will be soon.

I'm not giving up. I just was a bit meh with this one. She says it so well and her appreciation for this series and Shanti motivates me and is awesome. Review also found at: Extra buddy read for September 3, with the MacHalo group because the first one was so awesome we can't stop.

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View all 22 comments. Because we love kick-ass warrior women! Shanti is awesome, and this is why I want the dude that seems to be destined to be her love interest to be awesome too, but I just can't feel any good feelings for Cayan, who is just as self-involved, bossy, pushy, and used to get everything the way he wants it as any other generic alpha jerk out there.

Maybe it is me, but I actually root for almost any other male to win her heart rather than have her panting over him, even against her own better judgement at this point. Even Sanders, who is a grumpy and negative and openly hostile to Shanti is a batter dude than Cayan, but unfortunately he is out of the romantic running, because he is already happily married.

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Yes, Cayan is strong, handsome, has the mental power so valued in this world, and is some kind of savant with it, but he is still a jerk and cock-blocks Shanti at every tern, since he doesn't want her to have any fun with anyone else if she is not going to have it with him. I am so happy she has not given in to his "charms" yet!

But the author is obviously leading us there At least there are couple of things going fro Shanti's social life. In the end of the previous book she heard some gossip about a "ghost" having been captured by the Graygual army and she decides to find out if that could possibly be her old friend and sword-brother whom she thought was dead. This made for a great reunion with Rohnan, a pale, gentle, but strong and very likable young man, who has known Shanti since childhood and is a great addition to the cast.

It is obvious how willing he is to keep you in good working order.

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He has a very "interesting" relationship with Shanti and I am looking forward to its developing progression. He shook his head. And we have the Captain.

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The kid was the most trusting, positive person Shanti had ever known. I am so glad my enchanting friends at the MacHalos got me to read it - it is another series which is much better than the quality of its covers: You guys should give it a try! Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a good book!!! View all 10 comments. Yet another good one, good to know the first book was no a fluke. I couldn't stop reading, lucky for me there are four more books to go through, yay.

After absolutely loving Chosen I couldn't wait to find out what happened next so I dove straight into Hunted and K. Breene has given us another fantastic instalment in this series. This is quite different to the first book, in some ways it's a bit darker and there is a little less funny banter and humour but that's because Shanti is facing more danger than ever before. At the end of the previous book we saw her walk away from the help Cayan was willing to offer her, she turned her back on her a After absolutely loving Chosen I couldn't wait to find out what happened next so I dove straight into Hunted and K.

At the end of the previous book we saw her walk away from the help Cayan was willing to offer her, she turned her back on her allies and set off alone because she didn't want to pull anyone else into her fight. Now she's running scared, she's afraid to be on her own, she's afraid to go back and ask for help, she's afraid of her destiny and to be honest I can't blame her for that.

She has been under pressure since she was five years old, her people are relying on her to provide them with safety and she's already had to make some horrendously difficult decisions. What I love about Shanti is that she pushes forward in spite of her fears, she just keeps on going no matter how tough things get and she always tries to do her best by the people she cares about. She's also willing to admit when she makes a mistake, she realises that she may have lost her best chance of survival by walking away from Cayan and when she goes back to request his assistance she isn't afraid to apologise and admit that she was wrong to leave like she did.

I'll admit I was a little disappointed that Shanti and Cayan were apart for the first part of the story but I actually enjoyed seeing what they were both up to and it just made it all the sweeter when they were back together again. Cayan isn't planning on letting Shanti get away from him without a fight and he's making plans to build an even bigger army so he can help her on her quest.

Shanti on the other hand hears rumours about a man who has been causing trouble for the Grayguals and she thinks she might know his identity so she sets out on a rescue mission. She had always thought Rohnan gave his life to save her but discovering that he survived gives her a new sense of hope. I absolutely loved the introduction of Rohnan, the bond between him and Shanti is fantastic and I like the more playful side that he brings out of her but what I really appreciated was that K.

Breene hasn't introduced a love triangle. Shanti and Rohnan are like siblings and their relationship is very much platonic but it was a lot of fun seeing them together and I loved the way Rohnan constantly teased her about Cayan. As far as Cayan and Shanti's relationship goes I'm happy with the way things are progressing, there is definitely a connection there but it's nice that things are developing slowly, especially considering how stubborn they both are.

I enjoy watching Cayan's reaction whenever Shanti finds another man attractive and don't think he's going to let her get away with avoiding his advances for too much longer. The side characters get another chance to shine in this book, along with Rohnan and another fab new addition who I'm not going to tell you anything about, we also get plenty more of Sanders I love that guy!

The only thing I think we're missing from this series is other strong female characters, Shanti seems to be really good at collecting people, she inspires loyalty from everyone she meets and they all want to find a way to help her, but they're nearly all guys. We've met very few women and the ones we have come across so far have only had very minor side roles to play. That's something I really hope changes as the series continues but I'm loving everything else. The humour, the action, Shanti's ability to completely annihilate her enemies, the friendships, the budding romance, it's all spot on and I'm about to dive straight into Shadow Lands because I just can't stop myself!

Nov 04, Elena rated it it was ok Shelves: Time has worn away our effectiveness. This was a grievous oversight that now could not be helped. He could not rush her. When they met, Xandre wanted her to be at her best. She is the key. With her on our side, or dead, it will be easy to regain control. Sheep need only a shepherd; any will do.

He drummed his fingers against the pockmarked wood of the armrest and let his gaze drift toward the arrow slit acting as a window. Putrid-smelling air drifted through, hot and sticky. It was a vile part of the country that unfortunately suited his plans. He longed to return home. Our armies are on the move, gearing up for battle. We need to get moving if we hope to meet them before she gets there.

Xandre smiled to himself, excitement surging. It was finally so close. Abruptly, he stood from the robust seat in the ringing silence. The soft sound of a foot shifting, of fabric rubbing, caught his ears. Containing the delighted laughter, he strolled to the arrow slit. Sparkling waters glistened in the intense sun, surging toward the base of the cliff far below.

Around the front of the castle, hidden from this vantage point, was a crumbling and pockmarked wall screaming of battles waged and inevitably lost. Still, it was easily defendable, overlooking a murky, swampy sort of land that was defense in and of itself. If his immediate plans failed, she would find him, he was sure of it. This was a challenge fit for Shanti Cu-Hoi. He almost hoped his next attempt did fail. That way he could study her a while longer. She was such a fascinating creature. She was the highlight of his dull days. Turning around to face his Inner Circle, their perplexity hidden behind blank expressions and hard eyes, he clasped his hands behind his back.

He paused for a second, no doubt collecting his thoughts, hopefully making them as concise as possible. Yet his mind would never deteriorate. Although boredom coated his thoughts like a heavy film, he would not break and act out of character, Xandre was sure of it. Had tested the theory mercilessly. It was why One gained both his name and position.

Silence filtered through the room again as One processed his thoughts. He was not a quick man to speak, by nature, and even less so in these situations. Finally, his head tilted downward incrementally. Thanks for the buddy read Machalo Crew! View all 59 comments. Shanti has spent her whole life training to be a warrior, she is the Chosen one, the one who is meant to be the saviour of her people, and trying to live up to that has cost her everything. Now her people are in hiding and she has been alone for a year, searching for allies who can help her defeat their enemies.

She is desperate and on the verge of starvation when a band of soldiers rescue her and take her back to their home town to recover.

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All she really wants is to heal up and get enough supp Shanti has spent her whole life training to be a warrior, she is the Chosen one, the one who is meant to be the saviour of her people, and trying to live up to that has cost her everything. All she really wants is to heal up and get enough supplies to continue her journey but the town Captain Cayan is determined to find out where she came from and what secrets she is hiding. It quickly becomes obvious that Shanti has unusual abilities, ones that call to a similar power deep inside Cayan, and it isn't long before he is forced to chose between handing her over to her enemies or going into battle at her side.

I don't think I can even put into words how much I loved this book, the fact that I stayed up until 6am reading should give you a clue though, especially when I tell you that I'm planning to dive straight into the sequel, Hunted , as soon as I've written this review. I hardly ever read series books back to back but this one is definitely calling for a reading binge! Shanti is a brilliant main character, she is incredibly strong, independent, intelligent, fierce, determined, ruthless, powerful, honourable, protective and completely badass.

She has been honing her skills both physical, with all kinds of weapons and fighting styles, and mental, where she is able to use her Gift to attack on a psychic level, since she was a child and that really shows when she goes into battle. She is the kind of woman who takes no nonsense, she refuses to be seen as weaker than men and she has no time for the old fashioned gender roles in Cayan's town.

I'll admit some of her actions are questionable in the beginning but I think any woman who wakes up surrounded by male soldiers is going to be immediately on the defensive and once she realises that they're not bad guys and they aren't intending to harm her she dials back on her Gift. Shanti is slow to trust and let people into her inner circle but she's the kind of woman who inspires loyalty from those who get to know her properly.

She is happy to pass on her skills and when she is forced to deal with an honour guard of young and still fairly untrained soldiers she takes it upon herself to teach them how to protect themselves. Scenes with her and her boys were absolutely hilarious and I loved the banter between them but what I really liked was how the author took her time building relationships between them all.

We get to see that bond of loyalty slowly develop as they train together. Cayan had to be another highlight, he's another complex and multi layered character who has a lot of the same great qualities of Shanti. He's a little old fashioned and the last thing he wants is a woman on the battlefield but that is before he sees Shanti in action and once he realises quite how skilled she is he is more than willing to see her as an asset. The relationship between him and Shanti is complicated, he wants to know all her secrets and she sees him as a threat, but when they decide to work together they can achieve the impossible.

I really loved the way Shanti goes out of her way to tease and irritate Cayan and I have high hopes that things might develop beyond friendship at some point. Chosen is a fantastic start to this series, it has a whole collection of fantastic characters, a lot of humour, plenty of action and I think the world has a lot of potential. I still have a lot of questions about things but I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about Shanti's Gift and how she can use it. If the rest of the series remains as good as this book then I definitely have a new favourite on my hands.

View all 14 comments. This is the second novel by K. Brenne I have attempted to read, a completely different series and i can say i hated it as much as the first. I don't like the way she writes. It's one dimensional, not engaging and riddled with cliches. Nothing i haven't seen before. I guess it has an audience out there, but I'm not a part of it. May 19, Casey rated it really liked it Shelves: The usual ingredients of typical UF in an epic fantasy setting.

Female MC is kick-ass, great with a sword, does not fit in and breaks the accepted behaviours of a woman. Good-looking, smarter than anybody else, independent, rude to others and very self-assured, but deep down a moral and good person. Bad guys are over The usual ingredients of typical UF in an epic fantasy setting. Bad guys are overwhelming and all would be lost without our witty, snarky heroine. Instead the last chapter felt a bit like Wheel of Time, off on a quest for the next gazillion number of books. The heroine has an unusual gift with questionable application.

There is a fun set of side characters. They were well written, but nonetheless I had problems keeping them straight. Their names all starting with the same letters did not help the issue. The doctor was fun Bones, not having a good day. Despite this being a decent book, I wasn't really engaged in the story. Somewhere around the middle I lost interest.

Overtaken (Warrior Chronicles #6) (Volume 6): K.F. Breene: Books

Besides our heroine's gift, the whole plot was pretty formulaic. There was no real suspense. I am sure if I had sat down beforehand and written down a possible plot and outcome, I wouldn't have been far off. The characters remained fairly flat for me, the potential romance was lacklustre. The fight scenes were ok. It's probably me, not the book It's a toss-up between two and three stars, because I actually considered not finishing it. But there was a lot of good quotes and if the author could breathe more life into her characters, this could have real potential. So three stars it is.

I think I need a break from UF. Re-read starting tomorrow with the MacHalo gals - or tonight as it happens.

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This is my second book by this author, the first book I absolutely loathed while this brought me a breath of fresh air. I had thought I would not pick up a book by this author again but then I went scouring through shelves of friends and I found several had this book in their favourite shelf, but then this review clinched it. I absolutely love Shanti, her default setting was either riling you into a fight or trying to kill you and the Captain really pushed her to the latter.

I enjoyed the seconda This is my second book by this author, the first book I absolutely loathed while this brought me a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well. This book was so well written that I am almost tempted to reread that mess of the first book I read but not quite. This was also very slow burn which I liked, Shanti was clueless about Cayon and I especially like when he kept denying her Jerrol.

I can't wait to read the next book. I love those days when Amazon gives me that one recommendation that makes reading all the other sub par stories worthwhile. This book is not perfect, I wont say that it is. But there is that magic in the characters and the story that will draw you in and leave you wanting for more basically trying to find some news online about when the author might actually release the sequel.. I loved Shanti's character - she is funny, tough, doesn't like to play games or beat around I love those days when Amazon gives me that one recommendation that makes reading all the other sub par stories worthwhile.

I loved Shanti's character - she is funny, tough, doesn't like to play games or beat around the bush, doesn't waste too much time wallowing in her grief whatever time is spent thinking about it, she deserves it - a really tragic past and all. I loved her little quirks like how she messed up the colloquialisms of the city, her training methods for her honor guard, her very unexpected shyness with Cayan.. Cayan also is a good character, maybe a little too He Man-esque, with his protectiveness and how he always managed to scare all his subordinates, but the story between Shanti and Cayan worked for me.

There was no instant connection in spite of their similar backgrounds and similar power, at least not from Shanti's perspective. I get the feeling that Cayan is way more into Shanti that he lets on, which is in line with both the characters personalities. The secondary characters, though, are even more memorable for me. I love Sanders and Lelius and Marc and the doctor. This is not to say that they are very well developed, three dimensional characters.

At times they seemed like caricatures of what they are supposed to be, but still fun. I didn't mind too much and for me it did not detract from the story. In some ways this book reminded me a lot of Kate and Curran's first book. Its not as developed, the action is not as suspenseful, but I think if you enjoy Kate's character and are looking for something along the same lines without expecting too much, give this a try.

I did and I really enjoyed it! Cant wait for the second book to come - whenever it does. Nov 22, Meg booksandwinewithmeg. More reviews posted on my website — www. She is my Spirit Animal…. Everything about her, everyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for a kick-ass heroine.

Breene can tell a story. I was sucked to my kindle. Of which I More reviews posted on my website — www. Of which I would just like to say, Kindle Unlimited is totally worth the money. I got ALL six of these books for free. I already made 3 months of the prescription worth it.

She had the mentality of a Zen master, and never cared of power or who was leading the pony show just that the job got done. That device cuts off breath. I had this huge shit-eating-grin on my face throughout the entire book. Obviously I cannot confirm…. A wave of fear rumbled over Sanders. Shit was about to blow up.

He was pretty funny.

Excerpt: Overtaken

The fact that they mentioned his fighting style as sloppy yet effective I can already picture this character. Short, loud and an honest fellow barreling into the enemy. Yes I think we will keep him. His backtalk alone is worth reading this book and he is just a small part.

Being that I have already about read all the books, I will admit the Honor Guard was kinda cool. However I can say with certainty that they all made a grand debut later in the series. I was confused as to why she chose specific kids to tell their POV — but later I came to understand it was a strategic move.

Leilius — Marc — and Xavier play such important roles. Leilius is probably one of my favorites now book 6 he really came out. I am so excited. She will connect the distant halves into a whole and lead her people to salvation. I thought she w "The doctrines said that when a girl is born from magic and none, who takes the role of a man, and desecrates with thought, she is the Chosen.

I thought she was abusive with her Gift and that she violated people's minds rather indiscriminately. She used fear and lust and shame to control them. I'm not going to lie, it rubbed me the wrong way from the very start. She starts becoming involved with the townspeople who saved her and begins helping them instead of harming them. After that, Shanti and I developed a sort of truce. She is warrior and a leader trying to save her people. She possesses an incredible power and like they say "They were shining lights in a year of solitary darkness.

These boys were such a great addition to the story. I always say I love a ragtag group and these kids do not disappoint. They are quirky and different from the others so some say they have the least potential of all the trainees. Shanti, because she too comes from outside the norm, sees their potential and hones it, earning the boys loyalty and respect. I just love them. Men fear and respect him in equal measure. Nothing happens in his city without his knowledge. He and Shanti are inexplicably drawn to one another.

Each is a daunting force of their own but when they come together things get volatile, and not always in a good way.

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A jump in conversation that makes a less than smooth transition. Granted, everyone in this book is sexist which is what makes Shanti, the heroine, so perfectly perfect - and not in a Mary Sue way, but in a Lagertha way. I was also slightly disappointed that we didn't see more of Shanti and Cayan working together but the more I think about it the more I'm actually pleased about it - it's good to see that even though they're a couple they're not joined at the hip and that they are still going to play to their strengths even if that means working separately for a while. Feb 04, Gary rated it really liked it. Add to basket failed.

And did I mention he's really good looking? But be aware ladies, he's spoken for. Shelly has already laid claim. Anyway, I'm not going into much more recap than that. Once I got past my initial reservations with Shanti, the book picked up right away and I fell a little bit in love with it. It was funny, and actiony, and even a little romancey don't worry, it's just a smidge!

All of the characters are developing nicely, though the world is still a little bit murky to me. I'm hoping it gets fleshed out more in the next books. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by how I ended up feeling about it. It's a good start to a hopefully better series.

I'm giving it 4 stars. September BR with the MacHalos!! Naturally I put it on hold to see if it would win for the September pick. Buddy read with the MacHalos Who designed this ridiculous cover? Shanti is described as blonde, pale, purple eyed. Shanti is a badass killing machine with magical powers. It's awesome and she's a hardass. She's not some send me flowers and love me, love me, because I'm a chick, even if I know how to fight kind of woman. She's a 'I will fuck you up' kind. She's not afraid to put anyone in their place, no matter rank, societal position, size, age, etc.

If she thinks you need a good kick Buddy read with the MacHalos Who designed this ridiculous cover? Her life is full of pain and suffering that shows no end in sight. She is the Chosen and like all roles that are giant destiny fulfilling ones, it's a road filled with pain, loss, and strife. The main plot of the book is about Shanti being saved by this Mountain Region town and her time there while healing. She makes friends with a group of teenage boys who become her Honor Guard. The teenagers are all the reject cadets that no one wants, she brings out their talents and molds them into useful teens.

You can see the writing on the wall that these two will collide. Shanti's time in the town is defining for both her and the people. She learns how to be a member of society again, letting people into her sphere, and the townsfolk learn that women are good for more than needlepoint. To tell more of the plot would be a spoiler. Suffice to say, the book is good, it's not great. My high rating is mostly based on the fact that I love a killing machine kinda girl they are so hard to find these days that is better at it than everyone else, the witty banter, and the interesting powers of the Gift.

I will be reading the rest in this series. If you're wondering, there is 0. View all 3 comments. Although this book wasn't recommended to me directly, I did choose to read it because of a Goodreads friend's review and I have to say that I am glad I followed her lead! Ms Breene is a new author to me, one that I haven't come across before. Her writing, for me personally, didn't hit home immediately but I have to say it didn't take long for it to grab me. The story kept me engaged throughout the book, Shanti i Although this book wasn't recommended to me directly, I did choose to read it because of a Goodreads friend's review and I have to say that I am glad I followed her lead!

The story kept me engaged throughout the book, Shanti is an amazing lead and towards the end of the book, I couldn't wait to get some 'free' time time out of work that is to finish off the story. The 'fight' was epic! I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Shanti's gift , her background and her current circumstances and I loved the people that she met up with, but I have to say my favourite is Saunders!

I'll definitely continue this journey with the next installment very soon, a quick thank you to Nicklein for a review that drew me to this series! Sep 03, Shari Kay rated it liked it Shelves: She's abrasive, rude, ungrateful, aggressive And then we get more of the reasoning behind her actions. I'm not saying I ended up loving her, but I did understand her burden better and I absolutely had empathy for her in the end. I think she is growing on me. The story is there. The side characters draw you in And then t 3. And then there is Cayan, the Captain.

He is what heroes are made of! It doesn't hurt he's a perfect male specimen either. I think he'd be good for Shanti and I'm hoping the story heads in that direction. There are some issues beyond taking over a quarter of the book to know if I wanted to even continue reading. This author makes choices that are off-putting. Usually they fall in the sexual realm. If this was a PNR, those alone would have me setting the book aside, but since this is fantasy, I'm dealing.

Though damn, they are strange and uncomfortable at times. There are moments when the writing is so good I had tears in my eyes, feeling the characters' every emotion. And others where the segue from point A to B feels forced and awkward. Some character inconsistencies jumped out at me And the "sparring" match. Cayan and his culture are solicitous of women, but he gropes Shanti physically and molests her body mentally. He even kisses her in front of his men during the competition.

One of those weird things I mentioned earlier. Overall, I ended up liking the story, and will pick up book I hadn't intended to stay up until dawn reading this, but it was too good to put down. She was tough without being bitchy. At first I didn't think I was going to like her because she had rare and special powers, but it worked in this.