The Culture of the New Capitalism

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To ask other readers questions about The Culture of the New Capitalism , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Culture of the New Capitalism. Lists with This Book. May 13, Caleb rated it liked it. This book quickly integrates into a single analysis many of the themes that Sennett has written about in more detail in other books.

Not his best book, but still provocative enough at times to be worth the effort.

Sennett is one of the rare scholars who writes clearly, which helps him to think clearly and makes for an enjoyable read. I find Sennett's thoughts about the spectre of uselessness and the socioeconomic needs of people, e. Interested readers should check out his book on craftsmanship.

Nov 06, Cybermilitia rated it really liked it. Sennett yine isyeri kulturu uzerine acaip zihin acici bir kitap yazmis. Zanaatcilik-Meritokrasi karsilastirmasi ve Foucoult'nun mikro politik yontemini calisanlarin yuzeydeki arzulariyla birlestirerek is yasamina uyarlamasi yontem olarak cok iyi. Ama islemek ve Lacanla birlestirmek gerek bu yontemi. Bu haliyle henuz ham.

Ama adamda heralde bir gelenek olsa gerek son bolum fecaat. O zamanlar Ingiltere'de New Labour ruzgari esiyordu. Kitapta onlara da laf gecirdigi bolumler var.

Ama kitabin sonund Sennett yine isyeri kulturu uzerine acaip zihin acici bir kitap yazmis. Ama kitabin sonunda gidiyor gidiyor, o adamlardan daha da "toplumcu-dayanismaci-yardimlasmaci" oneriler sunuyor. Sep 13, Ferda Nihat Koksoy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Me encanta la manera de escribir de Sennett. Como programador de software, me veo especialmente representado en ese "nuevo capitalismo" del que habla. Me gusta leer a alguien externo al mundillo que, de manera desapasionada, pone en perspectiva la evoluc Me encanta la manera de escribir de Sennett.

Feb 09, Francisco Parisi rated it liked it Shelves: The Culture of New Capitalism. Yale University Press, The consequences of contemporary capitalism are double-faced, on one hand the unprecedented economic growth all over the world is undeniable, but on the other hand this growth has not been responded by economic equality and social stability.

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In fact, inequalities keep broadening, increasing pressure on people and institutions. In The Culture of New Capitalism, Richard Sennett questions the functioning of global capitalism today, why the economic system is conflicting with personal values and degrading the conditions of work and workers. This book, a compilation of three lectures delivered by Sennett in at Yale University, explains the evolution of the corporate culture in the last century and its effects today on society. Sennett starts talking about bureaucracy, explaining how Max Weber described a society shaped after a military model, in a pyramid-like organization that first made possible social inclusion and promotion, organization and efficiency of time and politics of stability and equality.

But the development of new technologies and the Bretton Woods agreement allowed a new corporate culture to emerge, and it was conceived to achieve short, rather than long, term goals as shareholders demanded a quick revenue of their investment. The worker of this new culture needs to be mobile, capable of moving in between tasks and to adapt constantly to new environments. Sennett explains that this new landscape eliminated the need for the worker to be good at something, as employers are no longer valuing skills or expertise, focusing more in the potential of the worker to perform the task.

The effects are not only a new type of worker, but also a culture where stability and security are chimeric, loyalty is no longer needed as short-term goals lay down the norms. This creates a new set of mind for workers, fearing for their survival, and the reaction comes framed in a new understanding of craftsmanship and meritocracy, as what is rightly done and what is valid is now defined by short term goals. Or on the opposite side, workers achieving success in the short-term have proven their merit and they are promoted. For Sennett, firms are the only ones with the power to give value to people, despite whatever they have accomplished.

This anxiety for survival translates into a new way of politics, which is required too to fulfill short term expectations.

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Citizens are consumers of politics, which is why to Sennett politics are marketed as consumption goods which are falsely differentiated. For Sennett, this environment is hostile to progressive politics, even if politicians mean to, as public perception will allow them to work only if improvements become obvious quickly. Modern capitalism responded to their demands of dismantling the tight structure of the modern bureaucracy, but the effects are far from their wishes. To the failure of the culture of the new capitalism, Sennett proposes three solutions: And this is where the reader will find flaws in this work.

The Culture of the New Capitalism is a book on the current economic situation by Richard Sennett, in which the author covers politics, economics. The distinguished sociologist Richard Sennett surveys major differences between earlier forms of industrial capitalism and the more global, more febrile, ever.

For narrative, the author asks for a change that gives the worker more time, that frees him from the constraint of pressures, and allows him to develop his own story. For this, Sennett proposes basic incomes that should give the individual a sense of stability and security.

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But how and on what basis? Modern basic income schemes have become stigma, and how will they return value to workers? For usefulness, the author proposes to reward unpaid domestic labor and to promote volunteerism, all in all to make a point about the importance of the State as the only employer to return legitimacy and status to workers. Little, Brown and Co. Soros is interested in defending what, following Karl Popper, he calls an "open society," his analysis of the conflict of global capitalism with democracy since the s esp.

Beneath this stereotype lies a different, more passive mentality. Americans of the middling sort I've interviewed in the past decade have tended to accept structural change with resignation, as though the loss of security at work and in schools run like businesses are inevitable: The Consequences of Information: Institutional Implications of Technological The Culture of the New Capitalism Castle lectures in ethics, politics, and economics Castle lectures series.

The Branding of English and The Culture of the New Capitalism PART 2

This new model aimed at social inclusion, that is, most would work at the base of the social pyramid , hopefully progressing to the tip. Modern capitalism looks at this model with disdain — too many superfluous people are employed to remain competitive and people should constantly adapt and prove themselves to be assets. Therefore, in large modern businesses, the majority of workers face uncertainty and find it difficult to conceive of a life narrative. Due to mechanization and the need for upskilling, managers as well as their subordinates face the possibility of obsolescence.

Concepts such as craftmanship and getting the job right are seen as wasteful and somewhat obsessive. Capitalism's need for potential is increasingly reflected in the education system.

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This book explores how modern capitalism developed in broad strokes and the resulting cultural malaise that it leaves in its wake. Jan 09, Carly rated it liked it. Finally, comparisons are made between branding and politics. Lists with This Book. Return to Book Page. Ama kitabin sonund Sennett yine isyeri kulturu uzerine acaip zihin acici bir kitap yazmis.

SATs favour superficial and adaptive reasoning rather than deeper introspection on the meaning of things.