B. Bradshaws dictionary of mineral waters, climatic health resorts, sea baths, and hydropathic estab

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A treatise on the mineral waters of Vichy: Includes bibliographical references and index Topics: Bernhard Maximilian , Master microform held by: Balneology, Hydrotherapy, Water, Balneology, Hydrotherapy. Includes bibliographical references and index Topic: The Water-cure journal, and herald of reforms, devoted to physiology, hydropathy and the laws of life.

Title varies slightly Topic: Dated from preface and NUC volume , page Topics: Health resorts, Baths, Health Resorts, Hydrotherapy. Thus shalt thou live: So sollst ihr leben Topics: Hydrotherapy, Health, Naturopathy, Hygiene, Hydrotherapy. Heinrich Enoch Heinrich ,b. Russell Thacher , Hydrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Hygiene, Family Health. Health resorts, Hydrotherapy, Mineral waters. Includes bibliographical footnotes Topics: Includes bibliographical references Topics: Hydropathy, or, The cold water cure: Priessnitz, Vincenz, , Graefenberg, Austria.

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Medicine, Physical, Hydrotherapy, Baths. Includes bibliographical references Topic: The codicil to "my will" for the healthy and the sick: Hydrotherapy, Medicine, Popular, Hydrotherapy. Balneology, Hydrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Balneology. Includes index and publisher's catalog Topics: Balneology, Hydrotherapy, Balneology, Hydrotherapy. Macfadden's fasting, hydropathy and exercise: Imprint date from NUC volume Topics: Gabrielis Falloppii De medicatis aquis atque de fossilibus tractatus pulcherrimus, ac maxime utilis.

Bad-Ems as a health resort: Julian Antoni , translator. Translation of Meine Wasserkur Topic: The natural waters of Harrogate: The principles and practice of medical hydrology, being the science of treatment by waters and baths. Fortescue Robert Fortescue , Bradshaw's Dictionary of mineral waters, climatic health resorts, sea baths, and hydropathic establishments [electronic resource]: Covers Great Britain and continental Europe Topics: The ancient psychrolousia revived: First published under the title: An enquiry into the right use and abuses of the hot, cold, and temperate baths in England London, Topics: Balneology, Baths, Cryotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Baths.

Psychrolousia, or, The history of cold bathing: The first word of the title transliterated from the Greek Topics: Naked eye structure of bone. Chemical constitution of bone. Growth and repair of bone. A film narrated by a fictional mother and doctor about toxaemia in pregnancy.

The Mineral Waters and Health Resorts of Europe

The doctor explains the symptoms and methods of care, and the types of women who are susceptible to toxaemia, including women who smoke 'too much'. Dietary advice is also given. Referred to as a 'spoken film' in the opening credits, this is an animated film which looks quite dramatically at the origins of human civilisation, the development of city living and the possibility of over-population in the future leading to the collapse of civilsed life.

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This film is about how accidents in the workplace might occur. In the form of a semi-dramatic reconstruction, narrated by Maurice Denham, we see how a factory worker, Stan Berry, becomes the victim of a serious accident while at work. We arrive at the scene of the accident, an industrial work place with stacks of oil drums at the same time as the ambulance. The following sequences explore how the accident happened and who is to blame. The conclusion is that it is the human factor the Augustus Bozzi , Book digitized by Google and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

Health studies of human populations. An illustrative view of applications II.


A comprehensive survey of the natural, medical and social history, commercial production and obstetric use of ergot and its derivative ergometrine. Includes a detailed description of the life-cycle of the fungus, live action footage of the use of ergometrine in the Department of Obstetrics, University College Hospital to expidate delivery in childbirth and Professor Chassar Moir's own account of the discovery of ergometrine in Bradshaw's dictionary of mineral waters, climatic health resorts, sea baths, and hydropathic establishments. Health resorts, Health resorts Source: Includes bibliographic references and index Topics: Shows the effect of wearing ill-fitting shoes and correct care of the feet.

Gives simple diagrams of pathology of tuberculosis bacilli and shows school health examination, tuberlin testing, preparation of tuberculin, x-ray and treatment of suspected case. This film addresses overpopulation in the Philipines and seeks to motivate public health and other government workers to re-inforce the benefits of reducing family sizes. Throughout there are scenes of impoverished urban life with the stress made on the pressure of finite resources whether health, education or quality of life.

Finally, President Marcos outlines the challenge ahead which would involve tackling the Catholic church's explicit lack of support for contraception as well as the desire Health in the dwelling -- v. Health in diet -- v. Health in relation to civic life -- v. General hygiene -- v. Conference on education -- v. An elementary but comprehensive survey of some of the clinical aspects of blood.


Sex efficiency through exercises [electronic resource]: Women's Health, Physical Fitness, Exercise. A film showing the outstanding features of the campaign against diphtheria - includes diagrams detailing how the condition affects the body and footage of children with the disease being treated in hospital.

Royal College of Physicians, London Topics: Shows diagrams of heart and sinus-node mechanism, excitation-wave pathway, interpretation of electrocardiagraph. Dramatisation of the work of a general practitioner and his relationship with one family of patients. Includes a sequence where the doctor offers a female patient a cigarette in his surgery whilst they discuss divorce. The film illustrates some of the pressures a family doctor would be under at the time, and highlights that every patient is an individual.

The elder GP speaks with some irony about the pressures on his time but his empathy and willingness to help patients reaps dividends in his Formulario e guia medica [electronic resource]: Compiled by William Farr Topics: Bradshaw's Dictionary of mineral waters, climatic health resorts, sea baths, and hydropathic establishments [electronic resource]: Library; University of Glasgow. One colored map in pocket inside back cover: A map to illustrate B. Balneology, Health resorts, Mineral waters, Thalassotherapy.

Publicity film for the Bolton Infirmary Extension Fund, evidently intended to be shown in local cinemas in the Manchester area. Shows scenes of general and children's wards, an operating theatre, nurses at work, etc. Health Resorts, Mineral Waters. Blood group determination, technique for making hanging drop preparation of the patient, plus groups 2 and sera: Sexual ethics, Sexual health. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Topics: A short film which describes the development of eye care and spectacles.

The film describes, with the aid of diagrams, how sight works.

A test for colour blindness is performed. An optometrist tests sight and fits glasses. There is a waiting room. Optometry, Eye, Public Health. Covers Great Britain and continental Europe Topics: This film demonstrates the use of intramuscular injections of ergometrine to expedite delivery once the head of the child has appeared, as advocated by Professor Nixon. Following the injection, contraction of the uterus begins, the placenta is expelled and the third stage of labour is completed with minimal delay and blood loss.

Text in English, French or German Topics: Demography, Public Health, Hygiene.