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Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now

Over the course of 25 years, opposition against homosexuality will dwindle and the same will occur for transgenderism later on. States could start allowing prostitution starting with California and Colorado as soon as though ironically, the Netherlands could ban prostitution around this time period. Residency restrictions for sex offenders are being shown to be ineffective since, you know, cars and internet exist so they are starting to fall out of favor.

As of , Germany funds pedo therapy called project Dunkenfeld. Currently, there is noting like this in the United States partially because most states have mandatory reporting laws. Automation will begin to trickle into the economy.

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The first jobs to go will likely be the manufacturing jobs in fact, manufacturing is partially automated today. Later on, other low skill jobs such as burger flipping will also start to disappear. Later on, higher skill jobs will disappear. Meanwhile, demand for electrical engineering has increased but fewer of these are required than factory workers plus they require college degrees.

Even though minimum wage jobs and factory workers collectively make up only A side from automation starting up, computers will become much faster than they are in Cars may become automated by this point, preventing many car accidents a year. Other religions groups have increased their numbers as America becomes more multicultural. Half of the American population now lives to the west of the Mississippi River. Lab-grown meat is starting to replace traditional meat.

As a result, jobs which rely on raising livestock and growing crops to feed those animals will begin to disappear.

However, agriculture only contributed to 3. Designer babies became available to the rich back in the s. These caused a moral panic among some, resulting in some governments banning them. Another thing which has emerged is therapeutic cloning which is the cloning of organs to transplant.

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NEW FUTURE NEW ANSWERS | A GLIMPSE 'I OF THE FUTURE BY AMERICAN DECISION Mamas Sandra Day O'Connor J Davili Rockcfcllcr 1 Slew: . Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in Within a few centuries they will have become a new species: the . this to mean future answers lie purely in biochemistry, not neural circuits.

The benefits of genetic engineering is now becoming available to the common man. Genetic disorders are largely a thing of the past. I wrote a related, but shorter-term answer: Rupert Baines' answer to What will America be like in 5—10 years? Would it be better or worse than today? Some things for the 50 year timescale 50 years is a far in the future as is from us - far enough to be interesting, but not so far as to be impossible to predict.

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Much richer - GDP growth rate will continue, so in 50 years the country will be richer. Servants will be back: Those jobs are hard to automate, and people are cheap. A week is a long time in politics, so predicting 50 years ahead is very hard. The inequality is going to lead to a lot of domestic unrest: Think of class war, a lot of unrest: And I do think several states will have seceded Rupert Baines' answer to Is it realistically possible that the US could devolve into separate countries in the near future?

The population of the world will be far bigger. There will be lots of droughts and wars over water,.

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Climate change will be having serious effects: But I think USA will retreat from trying to be world policeman: It will be a more multi-polar world, with other powers: China, India, maybe a unified Europe, maybe some African power…. Well I like to do predictions but never seriously thought about America to be very honest. Something I can see on card not as an matter of prediction but as a matter of facts. So according to the report I see the competition in the position while holding the place in world, Christianity is still going strong and as an strongest competitor we see Muslims below is the chart.

So 1st place it is Christianity and cut to cut throat competition Muslims while Hinduism at 3rd place. Due they want to merge with other religion? This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. What are some predictions for the future of the USA?

Less than 25 years: White Americans will soon be a minority but still a plurality. Coal consumption is falling in favor of natural gas, wind, and solar. Looking for information on traveling to China?

We have free China guidebooks to download. Learn More at hichinatrip. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. What is the current macroeconomic situation of the USA and also predict its future? What is the future of Muslims in the USA?

These maps show the low-income communities that Florence will hit hardest

Is Greece the future of the USA? What are the odds that the USA splits into multiple countries or republics by ? Will the USA be the same politically and economically? Will some states have seceded perhaps, or the policies changed dramatically?

Will the USA play the same role internationally? The middle-east will be a problem for China and India to solve as their energy needs soar. As the final trees of the Amazon are cut down and Brazil turns into a waterless desert America will become the most forested country in the Western hemisphere, together with Canada by then a bit warmer. Biotech and sustainability by design will be big exports - as will be environment catastrophe management.

Economically the States will be the leading knowledge economy. Low level, huge batch manufacturing will be outsourced to Africa Asia will start to be a continent of old people. Small batch manufacturing will be done thru additive and subtractive printing - fast 3D printers cum milling cutters. Software as in creativity will always trump dumb hardware.

Introduction: “The skillset has changed”

Politically, the greatest debate will be about entitlements versus competitively as in Europe nowadays. Some constitutional amendment will be needed to contain and eventually reverse and remix electoral district rejiggering, the source of political polarization of the nation. What if we could capture the wind created by passing cars with roadside turbines, and turn it into usable energy? Cooling natural gas turns it into a liquid. This shrinks its volume, making it easier to ship and releasing less CO 2.

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The analysis explored the differences between three distinct clusters that comprise the worker passion survey population: Puerto Rico has a smaller GDP per capita than every state, including Misssissippi so it will be a recipient state for sure. Still have a question? Others argue the key is for the neuroscientist to start to think in terms of overall brain architecture—not specific neural failures. Others will begin to exercise their own passionate behaviors. Article Sections Executive summary Introduction: The learning that matters, that can create real value in this environment, is about creating new knowledge.

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