Projects as Business Constituents and Guiding Motives

How to Align Your Project To Business Strategy

Faculty of Military Sciences. Topics of PhD students I worked with: Managing distributed IT development and implementation, European collaborative technology procurement NH90 helicopter , networked police organizations, and interorganizational innovation in service logistics.

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Research and social media: Omschakelen in Politieoperaties," Politieblad. Visie En Aanpak," Militaire Spectator Scandinavian Journal of Management, 30 4 , The Role of Control and Empowerment.

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New Technology, Work and Employment, 29 1 , Modulaire toegang tot internationaal wetenschappelijke kennis: Towards a Compass for Civil—Military Coordination. Preparing for a Comprehensive Approach.

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Organizing Military Logistics in Afghanistan. Offshoring and the Global Distribution of Work: Implications for Task Interdependence Theory and Practice.

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The purpose of Projects as Business Constituents and Guiding Motives is to describe and analyse the roles that projects play in business. The editors, authors. Projects as business constituents and guiding motives / edited by Rolf A. Lundin and Francis Pervasiveness of Projects in Business; R.A. Lundin, F. Hartman.

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A Typology of Project Management: Emergence and Evolution of New Forms. Damian Hodgson University of Manchester Verified email at mbs.

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