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In the bottom left square draw a diagonal line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and a diagonal line from the right top corner to the bottom left corner. Draw a one-inch wide circle in the center of the bottom right square of your paper. Draw a straight line from the bottom edge of the circle to the bottom edge of the paper. Draw circles about half the size you just drew evenly spaced all the way around the outside of the circle you just drew so that they are all touching but not overlapping. When everyone is finished show them your picture.

Ask your students if their pictures are the same as yours. Ask a student whose picture came out differently why his picture came out differently. It means to copy what another person is doing, or to do what they have done or are doing. How are you like your parents? Give each child a chance to answer. Have your students open their Bibles to 1 Peter 2: Peter tells us that Jesus should be our example.

He suffered for us. He was insulted made fun of and beaten up, but he never answered back when he was made fun of. Did you ever call someone a bad name because he called you a bad name? Did you ever get mad at someone for doing something mean to you and then told him that he would be sorry because you would get even?

None of us are perfect. We all read the same words, but we all understand them a little differently. It is a lot like the pictures you drew. The more of the words you knew the closer your picture is to my picture. You will make a lot of mistakes along the way. You may loose his tracks and go in the wrong direction sometimes, but God is patient and will guide you and turn you around if you get sidetracked.

He has also given you parents and teachers to help you find his steps. But, most importantly, he gives you the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you and help you to do the right thing. The Bible tells us that someday when he comes we will see Jesus as he really is and as a result of seeing him as he really is we will be like him.

But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. Now look at your second picture. It is the same way with Jesus, right now we only have the instructions on how to be like Jesus. We have to do the best we can to interpret understand and follow them. This sometimes makes it difficult for us to be like him. But the Bible tells us that when Jesus comes and we see him as he really is, we will be like him. For instance, we can be kind. Ask the children to give you ideas.

When a child thinks of an idea write it on a footprint and have the child tape it to your bulletin board display. Give each child a turn. Try to keep the children on positive things. You can add footprints each week or refer to the display as you talk about your current lesson. You can write words on the feet like: Then ask the child if he or she can think of a way he or she can do whatever is written on the foot. Bring in several pairs of big shoes.

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Have your children split up into teams according to how many pairs of shoes you have. Have the children race to the end of the room and back wearing a pair of shoes. When a child gets back to the start line, he takes off the shoes and the next person in lines goes. If you think this will make the children too excited, you can just let the children take turns trying on the shoes and walking around. As they walk and take off the shoes talk to them about how much harder it is to walk in big shoes, but that it was much easier when someone helps them. Wearing big shoes is a lot like following in Jesus' steps.

It isn't easy to be like Jesus, but he will help us if we ask. You have to have a lot of room for this game. Break the children into teams of two. Have one member on one side of the room and the other on the opposite side. Lay three feet in a row in front of one member of each team. On the word "go" a child from each team walks across the room by placing his feet on the paper feet and then picking up the paper foot behind him and placing it in front of himself. He then places his back foot on the paper foot he just placed in front of himself and picks up the one behind him and places it in front.

The first team to make it to the finish line wins. Have your children stand in a circle. Explain to the children that you are playing follow the leader and that their leader is the child standing to their right. So they do whatever that child does after he does it. Start by turning to the child on your left. Say, "Jesus was friendly" and shake the child's hand. That child will do the same thing to the person on his left until it goes all the way around the circle and back to you. Start another round by saying,.

To finish say, "Jesus shared". If you have a snack time hand out cookies to everyone. If you have older children you can begin another round while the children are still working on the previous one. Have the children color the feet and stars. Tell them not to color over the lines because you and their parents will be using them to write on.

follow in (one's) footsteps

Say, "Jesus was friendly" and shake the child's hand. How are you like your parents? And I came to Mandir and I had a beautiful Ashadi. Roll it up and secure it with a rubber band. But in the letting go

When the children are done coloring tape the two bottom pages onto the title page and write the child's name at the top if the child isn't old enough to write. Ask the child if he can think of something he did today that was following in Jesus' steps, like being kind, helping someone, sharing, or obeying.

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When the child has thought of something write it at the bottom of the poster. Roll it up and secure it with a rubber band. When the child's parents show up to get him, hand them the poster and tell them to help the child fill it out as he does something to follow in Jesus' steps. After the children have colored the poster, tape it together. Help them think of something they have done today that was following in Jesus steps. And Swami asked this question, what is Paduka Pooja?

And one of the boys seated next to Him said, Swami what we are doing is Paduka Pooja. Swami said, No, no… this is not Paduka Pooja. You know He wanted to give a little better understanding of what is Paduka Pooja and Swami said no, no, no that is also not Paduka Pooja.


So now the next question is — How do we do it? Do we have the opportunity to serve the Lord? We have the rarest of the rare opportunities to serve the Lord. We also know what it is to serve the Lord? What is the true Paduka Pooja? What is the Guru Charanam that we are supposed to contemplate on? So now the next question is — Are we really qualified? What is our qualification? If you need Me, you deserve Me. And I think each and every one of us seated over here have that qualification because we need Bhagawan, we need Swami in our lives.

But there are two qualities that even this need is required for — intensity and consistency. Most of the time our need is intense but not consistent. Some other times it is consistent but not intense. What we need is an intense and consistent need for the love of the Lord. As Swami Himself once said in Trayee that not all the institute students are My students. And what is more important for us is to become Sathya Sai students and not merely the institute students.

A lot of people have asked us, how have your last couple of years been? Swami was very much a part of our daily routine. How is it now? And my only answer to them is — Well everything has changed and nothing has changed. That is the magic of Prasanthi Nilayam. Everything has changed but at the same time nothing has changed. Is it going to pull me the same way that Bhagawan pulled me everyday to Mandir?

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And so every night I used to pray — Bhagawan, I wish to know — this is so important for me. Every night I used to pray and cry away to sleep. On AshadiEkadashi in , I had a dream — in the dream I am seated on the upper portico in Prasanthi Nilayam and the whole scene is as follows -. The entire Kulwant Hall is jam packed, is packed to capacity — you know why? Because all of us know that Bhagawan Has Returned.

And every heart seated in Kulwant Hall is palpitating with that excitement. Things we do, the way we spend our time needs to adapt as we change and time moves on. What was important years or even moments ago may not be important now. My attempts at being purposefully present are evolving, but I know I can do better.

I pray this series encouraged and inspired us all to make the most of our moments in a purposeful way , in real life , with eyes open and even when stressful. We understand the importance of making E very moment count and we do this by remembering God is near as we strive to do the same. God is near to us in so many ways we cannot always see or even fathom.

I wonder if He knew God was near when seeing sunbeams as I do? It makes me want to praise Him with joy as David did:. For each day he carries us in his arms. Each day, each moment God is carrying us. Life is full of moments and how we choose to live and see them makes a difference, not only in our lives but also in those whose moments intersect with ours. We can seek His love, peace, guidance, and strength through a simple prayer. Am I spending them well? How can we truly make every moment count?

But being present includes measuring every moment not only by how we want to live but also by how God wants us to live. In my moments, am I blind to what God wants to show me by only seeing my wants and needs? Am I wisely pursuing things, people, and experiences He wants for me or am I too busy comparing, lamenting, blaming, or worrying about what I cannot control?

In my quandary, I realize full surrender and obedience is the best course of action. We cannot worry about the future, argue about the past and still embrace each moment well. So I stop and ask the simple question- what would Jesus do? This simple question we teach our kids points the way to making every moment matter. I doubt Jesus would continue to argue, worry, sulk, mentally check out, or procrastinate. In this moment of anger, how can I forgive or be kind?

follow in footsteps

In this moment of frustration or worry, how can I fully surrender to God and trust? Yet, He always chose to spend every moment well. This, this is what I want. All we need to do is look at His life of making every moment matter as a model on how to live ours. Sin and the enemy will threaten to steal our moments or insert roadblocks as we follow. Then, we simply follow. God is speaking to me this week. Already slated to speak on a topic next week, a speaker on a similar topic fell through for a different group, so I stepped in.

God often talks to me through what I share with others: Hence the extra opportunity from God, perhaps? But being present can also be Stressful.