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Dec 24, Donna rated it it was amazing. I've started to review this twice and both times my comments have disappeared, even though I hit "save. Jan 05, Mark rated it it was amazing. My boy Mazael Cravenlock is back, still trying to keep the peace, people still testing his patience, they are lucky that new enemies are coming So happy Jonathan is continuing this series, Mazael has to be one of my favorite characters in fiction.

It was nice to see Adalar as well, I went back and re-read the Demonsouled series before starting this one and loved how they all flowed together. Adalar is battle-weary now, his whole life has been p My boy Mazael Cravenlock is back, still trying to keep the peace, people still testing his patience, they are lucky that new enemies are coming Adalar is battle-weary now, his whole life has been pretty much one war after another I also liked the introduction of Sigaldra, leader of the Jutai who find themselves alone in a new land with no allies or so she thinks.

One other thing I loved is how the new ancient enemies of old are coming back from the dark after the defeat of the Old Demon - and they all know what Mazael is - love those interactions.

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For fans of Robert E. Howard, David Gemmell, and Raymond E. Feist, here is a new story of sword and sorcery. Read the first three chapters of “Soul of Tyrants.”. A story ten years in the making, here at last is the triumphant third book of the “Demonsouled” series. Demonsouled has ratings and 62 reviews. Daniel said: This is the first novel-length work that I've read on the Kindle. It's being offered on Amazon.

Keep writing these Jonathan and I'll keep throwing you my money. I am happy Jonathan returned to writing another series centered around Mazael Cravenlock. The Demonsouled series is my favorite series he has written.

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There is a lot of background on the characters and past events in this book that Jonathan gives short synopsis' of to try to keep the reader from getting confused, so it can be read without reading the Demonsouled books first, but my suggestion to anyone who has not read the Demonsouled series is to read it before reading Mask of Swords. Stacey Neal Douglas rated it it was amazing Apr 18, David rated it really liked it Aug 08, Michael rated it really liked it May 07, Mel Caddell rated it it was amazing Apr 22, G rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Brittani Stewart rated it it was amazing May 01, Bradford Jennings rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Nick rated it really liked it Aug 01, A P Davies rated it liked it Apr 14, Cyber rated it it was amazing Aug 29, Alon Lankri rated it really liked it Jan 28, Glenn Proffitt rated it really liked it May 18, Chris rated it really liked it Jun 19, Cole rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Sue Johnston rated it really liked it Jun 23, Brenda rated it liked it May 08, Jodi Jewell Pew rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Michael Bedan rated it it was amazing Apr 09, Tracy H Liddell rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Elijah Richmond rated it really liked it Dec 29, Laurie Sciberras rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Tracey rated it liked it Sep 15, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Standing over six feet tall, USA Today bestselling author Jonathan Moeller has the piercing blue eyes of a Conan of Cimmeria, the bronze-colored hair of a Visigothic warrior-king, and the stern visage of a captain of men, none of which are useful in his career as a computer repairman, alas. His books have sold over one million copies worldwide. However, what irks Cravenlock is not what is in the outside world, but the battle that he needs to fight is within his own soiled soul. Mazael is now after a long time finally the Lord of Castle Cravenlock.

He has successfully battled the fight with the sinister power within his own soul, though it comes at a price that he surely did not want to pay.


Even though he has undoubtedly defeated this evil, peace is nowhere to be found in his homeland. By ordering a number of formidable but masterful army of militant knights — he successfully uses his powers unjustly to scheme and plot for a lustful conquest and warfare. Adding to the problems faced by Mazael, the serpent people who lurk in the shadows and the unwavering support of their cult have also made enemies out of the Cravenlock family.

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This book is listed as part of a trilogy but as far as I can see on Amazon, there are now 5 books listed as part of the "Demonsouled" series. This is a very good fantasy novel. I don't know that I would recommend doing this as there are plot twists revealed ahead of their occurrence in the Demonsouled series. His survival undoubtedly was by his skills in sword fighting, and by selling his services to whomever would buy — he lived to tell his story another day. There have been reports and sightings of dead bodies coming to life, of gruesome monsters and demons that come out of the darkness. This is NOT a complaint because anyone who has read Howard's collections know that mimicking Conan stories is a recipe for excellent "sword and sorcery" tales. Jonathan, I love the Demonsouled series.

It is up to Sir Mazael Cravenlock to find a way out of this mess and be prepared for yet another unknown and terrifying foe. Brutal killers descend upon them while the serpent people plot their revenge as well. The fourth book sees Sir Mazael Cravenlock finally defeating all of his enemies and looking towards a peaceful life, but as always peace is elusive in Grim Marches and another challenge is set for him. His beloved home has now turned into a kingdom of corpses. The fifth book portrays Mazael Cravenlock as victorious over the Malrags and once again found his way back to his home, Grim Marches.

Demonsouled Series

However, unlike ever before — there are no enemies to kill, no foes to overcome — yet his soul still beats and yearns for the taste of blood. Will he be able to control this yearning or destroy everything and everyone that comes in his path? The sixth book of the series shows Mazael Cravenlock as the liege lord — ready to defend his home against the multitude of armies set to destroy it.

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However he needs to be careful as his previous enemies have not yet forgotten him. The final book of the Demonsouled series by Jonathan Moeller depicts the protagonist, Mazael Craven as the last standing hope for his people as castle after castle have been destroyed by the horde of the runedead. Mazael is the only one who can save the world from complete and utter destruction. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Scott Bolton is an indie author who after 14 years away, returned to his H.

Scott Bolton has a lot of plans for new books this year and the first book in the H. Fist series is free on the Kindle. Give it a Try. Demonsouled Books In Order.

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Mitch Rapp is back! Kyle Mills takes Rapp on another outing inspired by real life tensions. The president of Russia, Maxim Krupin, has inoperable brain cancer and decides with nothing to lose he's going to start a war with the West. The only way to stop him?

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Send Mitch Rapp in! This is going to be Rapp at his best and the new book comes out October 2nd. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations.