A Series of Unfortunate Events #10: The Slippery Slope

Carmelita Spats , a spoiled girl who made her initial appearance in The Austere Academy , is one of the Snow Scouts along with her uncle Bruce and a boy wearing a sweater. The boy in the sweater seems to know about V. Meanwhile back on the ranch, Sunny is being ordered around under threat of violence by Count Olaf on the peak of Mount Fraught , the tallest mountain in the region.

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He makes her sleep out in the cold. The next morning he forces her to cook breakfast. She makes a great effort to produce a delicious meal but Olaf thinks it is disgusting and he tells the Hook-Handed Man to fetch salmon from the waterfall. Two ominous figures within an "an aura of menace" arrive and announce that they have successfully burnt down the V. They give Count Olaf the rest of the Snicket File. Sunny sees the Verdant Flammable Device and has the idea to use one to signal her siblings under the pretense of needing its heat to cook lox for Olaf and his henchman.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the siblings and the boy come to the V. The boy reveals himself to be Quigley Quagmire , who the Baudelaires believed to be dead. Violet, Klaus, and Quigley see the plume of green smoke rising from the cliff so Violet invents a special shoes to help herself and Quigley climb up the steep cliff to find out who signaled them. During a rest on a ledge of the cliff, Quigley appears to express romantic interest in Violet.

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At this point, Lemony Snicket explains to the reader that the Baudelaires have had little privacy in their life and that he will allow Violet to keep some things to herself. Some speculation says it might imply the two share a kiss, admit their love and talk. This might mean Violet had a crush on both Quigley and Duncan. Quigley, at least, is confirmed because, before Lemony Snicket breaks off from this scene, he lets us hear two sentences. He tells us Violet tells Quigley it's a lovely view, but Snicket tells us that Quigley is looking at her. He resumes the book when Quigley and Violet finish their climb and meet Sunny at the top.

Violet wants Sunny to return with them but she refuses, telling her sister that she can spy on Olaf and learn useful information. Violet reluctantly agrees, realizing that Sunny is no longer a baby. They dig a pit and light a Verdant Flammable Device next to it. They decide that they will capture something that Olaf wants. Olaf blurts that he can't wait to start recruiting new villain members and to burn down the Hotel Denouement--ta-da, the last safe place!

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I stumbled a bit between book 6 and 8 as these were less dynamic and did not help the reader to understand enough about the underlying mystery of what was happening to the Beaudelaire orphans and why. I'm glad we know who that scout really was and we've run into more mysteries. They leave, never to be seen again. While this book did lag for me a bit at the beginning, once it got going it was fantastic! As she prepares breakfast, the villains glorify bad hygiene and horrible crimes and disgusting habits, and finally they talk about going to burn down the V.

They come clean with her and tell her what they were planning, and they end up taking her back up the slope with them to confront Count Olaf. Pretending they are actual V. Olaf demands the sugar bowl, of course. The children demand the safe return of Sunny first, and Olaf says he'd rather throw them all off the mountain. They argue back and forth like spoiled children until the man with a beard but no hair interrupts them.

Finally, about a billion things happen at once: The Snow Scouts arrive, having been targeted for "recruitment" by Olaf's troupe. In trying to rescue the Scouts from the terrible fate, the Baudelaires and Quigley reveal who they are, and Olaf attempts to threaten them by ordering Sunny thrown off the mountain. The two white-faced women who have worked for Olaf all along disobey his orders, saying that they lost a sibling in a mysterious house fire themselves, obviously caused by Olaf for purposes of recruitment.

They leave, never to be seen again. Olaf attempts to throw Sunny off the mountain himself, but finds that the casserole dish she was using for a bed actually now contains an eggplant instead of a young girl. Sunny rejoins her siblings. The man with a beard but no hair uses a whistle to give orders to a flock of enslaved eagles: He forces them to draw up a net around the Snow Scouts.

Apparently eagles and lions are aligned with Olaf's side of the V. The plan is to burn down these Scouts' homes and acquire their various family inheritances. Olaf's group entreats Carmelita Spats the only non-captured Snow Scout to join the group, and she agrees. The Baudelaires and Quigley decide escape is better than trying to face the villainous scum, so they run away on the toboggan.

Disaster strikes and the toboggan goes out of control on the melting slope, and Quigley gets swept away by a different current, leaving the Baudelaires hoping to find Hotel Denouement to meet him at the last safe place. The book ends with the siblings pondering more mysteries than they've solved. View all 3 comments. Jul 06, Mel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Finished this 11 minutes after cramathon ended I liked this one.

I love that the pieces are falling together. I am so excited to finally see how this story ends. May 01, Jessica Mae rated it it was amazing.

Jul 19, Constantin rated it really liked it. The story becomes better and better! I also love the fact that Sunny grows older book after book. Aug 31, Marjorie Campbell rated it liked it Shelves: The first is that I love to read and will read virtually any genre of book if I hear good things about it; and the second is that I am previewing books with a view to building a library for my daughter. This series has had some peaks and valleys - with certain books in the series being stronger than others as stand-alone stories. I stumbled a bit between book 6 and 8 as these were less dynamic and did not help the reader to understand enough about the underlying mystery of what was happening to the Beaudelaire orphans and why.

Introducing a new villain did not justify a whole book as with book 6 and so my continuing to read the series was more a bloody-minded drive to finish - rather than out of interest. Book 9 recaptured my interest it sees the children were given a moral dilemma at the end, which makes the book meatier. I have never believed that children are unable to feel or understand difficult ideas or situations but rather that they process them in a different way to adults.

Book 10 is really a great deal of fun and thus far is my favourite. Now that Sunny Beaudelaire is able to do more than simply bite on things she is emerging as a great comedic character. The swashbuckling, action packed The Slippery Slope is full of great one-liners and gags that will keep any reader interested.

I now feel that the series justifies its space on my shelves. Jul 08, Darren Hagan rated it it was amazing. Is it getting boring me saying that I liked this installment: Proceed with caution ; So the things I liked about this one are: She spends basically the entire book split up from her siblings after being kidnapped by Olaf.

This really gives us a chance to see what she can do on her own, and how much she has grown up throughout the books - The return of a character "from the dead", won't say who though. Also the return of a couple of other c Is it getting boring me saying that I liked this installment: Also the return of a couple of other characters from previous books - The whole VFD thing.

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It really makes you want to find out But yeah I enjoyed this book on the whole, those were just some things I really liked: Feb 20, Katie rated it really liked it. I can't wait until I finally get to the end and know all the answers. Lemony Snicket is always saying to put these books down and say go read something else, I'm posting the sexy eye roll gif and found out it's an actor names Marlon Brando and dang was he good looking!

I just threw in some random stuff I DID like how clever it was when hearing the true story of the V. Feb 08, Alayne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Me puso los nervios de punta muchas veces, pero no importa. Espero estar preparada para lo que sigue. Esto cada vez se pone mejor.

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The Slippery Slope is the tenth novel in the children's novel series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. It was illustrated by Brett Helquist and. NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIESDISCLAIMER: The long term effects of listening to this audio are unknown. Scientists have detected slightly higher rates of.

Mar 21, Nadine rated it it was amazing. I'm starting to get the feeling that by the end of the series all my questions won't be answered. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get the answers soon! What do five stars mean anymore, I don't even know.

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But this one was so, so much better than the previous book -- now we're finally getting into lots more worldbuilding and exposition about what's going on, shit is even getting real with Lemony Snicket's side-narrative!!! So many amazing things are happening now!! Hotel Denouement, What do five stars mean anymore, I don't even know. Hotel Denouement, my body is fucking ready. Feb 03, Asha rated it liked it.

A Series of Unfortunate Events #10: The Slippery Slope

It's very easy to think that, in order to beat the bad guys, you must stoop to their level and fight fire with fire. However, that just causes everything to go up in flames and, as the Baudelaire's and a special friend showed us, there are ways to fight back that don't require you to take up the cloak of villainy. Dec 27, falling asleep reading rated it it was amazing.

Ah, the climax of the series. Sunny separated from her siblings was a very interesting narrative. Poor Sunny was taken hostage and forced to cook for the monster that is Count Olaf and his equally terrible theatre troupe. She was put into a very terrifying and difficult situation but she remained calm and logically thought about what she had to do and how to act in order to survive and see her siblings a Ah, the climax of the series.

She was put into a very terrifying and difficult situation but she remained calm and logically thought about what she had to do and how to act in order to survive and see her siblings again. Sunny Baudelaire is the bravest little girl not a baby. I think we finally see their true character.

The members starting to leave one by one and abandoning Count Olaf to be the individual practitioner of a villain he always wanted to be makes perfect sense. This continues to show the grey area between good and evil. The foreshadowing in this book is once again, amazing. If Lemony Snicket does anything well, it's his use of foreshadowing. Lemony Snicket had an unusual education and a perplexing youth and now endures a despondent adulthood. His new series is All The Wrong Questions. For A Series of Unfortunate Events: Thanks for signing up!

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