People, Places, and Material Things: Historical Archaeology of Albany, New York. New York State Muse

The World of Anna and Susan Warner: Putnam History Museum, Cold Spring.

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The planning phase of a proposed exhibition exploring the history of Anna Warner — and Susan Warner — and their lives on Constitution Island. Richmond Hill Love Letter. Richmond Hill Love Letter RHLL is a storytelling and discussion program aiming to strengthen community by exploring and solidifying identity in the neighborhood of Richmond Hill.

An educational program that includes art appreciation and history tours focusing on 19th and early 20th century monuments and mausoleums and the people they memorialize, gravestone restoration classes, open air painting and drawing classes and lectures on topics pertaining to local history. The Brooklyn Institute Shelter Initiative: Brooklyn Institute for Social Research.

A series of public programs surrounding the installation of an exhibit featuring a foot timeline that traces the history and cultural roots of Harlem from the 17th century to the present. The American Federation of Arts plans to convene a meeting of scholars to assist the AFA in planning a major exhibition that will explore the relationship between Native American art and culture and twentieth-century modernism.

The purpose of this Vision Grant project is to create a dialogue between historical agencies in Ontario County to gather and discuss our community's stories about the Women's Suffrage Movement. Schenectady County Historical Society. A public project bringing the community together in non-partisan space to talk about issues - political, cultural, civic, and democratic; historical and current.

Long Island Traditions, City Lore and the Village of Freeport are collaborating on a trail of artful signage that highlights the first-person stories and history of Woodcleft Canal, a. Down Syndrome Awareness Program. A program and exhibit exploring the cultural history of Down syndrome. Check in to the Roaring Twenties. Check in to the Roaring Twenties" is an interactive museum exhibit exploring the cultural history of the s through the context of a grand hotel of the era. Planning for a series of at least six unique presentations, plus a related exhibit and webpage of new ideas and information not commonly taught in schools or given widespread attention focusing on women in the military.

Shelter Island Historical Society. Exhibits are being planned for the grand opening of the Havens House Museum campus and Education Center in Summer Remix Festival of Youth Voices.

American Jewish Life

Epic Theatre Ensemble hosts the Forum Series after each performance where the audience has a chance to discuss issues raised by the production with the artists from the show and invited humanities scholars who bring a unique perspective on the material. Their Vision Grant will be used to develop educational programs and materials for the Mill museum. Incorrigibles - A Screening and Community Conversation. A one-day event that will include the screening of a film featuring the stories of the women who were at the NYS Training School followed by a community conversation at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn.

Hanford Mills Museum will partner with the Cooperstown Graduate Program to create ten exhibition panels to be used in conjunction with two oral history dialogue programs called "Water Resources and Farming" and "Water Power. The project will design humanities programs with themes related to the social reform movements in the communities along the Champlain Canal at the center of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. Support to brainstorm, research, and design a travel package to explore the African American heritage and Underground Railroad sites on Long Island.

Preserving the history of Inez Milholland, a Suffrage leader. Local History Summer Camp. Syracuse University, Department of History. Local History Camp will encourage students to investigate how historically subordinated groups have struggled for rights, freedom, and self-determination. Preserving and Demystifying Ritual and Ceremony in Brooklyn.

Ulster County Women of Note. International Hall of Fame Exhibit Planning. Currently, the Hall of Fame consists of photos and plaques. We are planning to turn the Hall of Fame into an actual exhibit that tells a story behind each individual inductee. The Poetry Project at The Poetry Project marks its 50th anniversary in —17 with a year-long series of events that look at its history and ongoing role in shaping contemporary poetry. This vision grant is to research and design a community engagement project about the women incarcerated at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester, New York.

Sand Ground at St. Faces of the Underground Railroad. An installation and series of public lectures designed to engage audiences in the past, present, and future of diversity on Staten Island.

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Early modern literature and culture, religious history, economic history, theatre history, Shakespeare and his contemporaries, women's history, humoral science, commonwealth history. American Indian history, education history, public memory, environmental history, equine history, American West. Chile, Peru, race, native peoples, historiography, mestizaje, social discourse. Civil rights, educational inequality, oral history, women's and gender history, Southern history, Appalachian history, Tennessee history, Nashville history, Southern foodways, memory theory.

Early America, founding generation, family history, historical editing, Australian goldfields, public history. Public Education, segregation, ethnic Mexican, students, Bilingual education, school-to-prison pipeline, alternative schooling, at-risk youth, U. Food and drink, beer and brewing, race, ethnicity, gender, consumer culture, material culture, urban history, public history, nineteenth century, twentieth century, New Orleans history, American history.

South, political history, agricultural history, policy history, public and oral history, museum education, National History Day, consumer behavior, peanuts. History of and contemporary comparative public policy, gender, bioethics, gene editing, new reproductive technologies. Modern Ireland, musical culture and identity, cultural heritage, country houses and landed estates, arts education. US Navy, nineteenth century, early republic, United States, print culture, newspapers, digital history, research management.

Education, history of education, western women, suffrage, school history, western United States, rural communities, history of psychology, psychology, pedagogical history, early 20th century. Urbanism, housing, city planning, public housing, urban history, public policy, segregation, redlining, Baltimore, Atlanta, real estate, urban renewal, Confederate monuments. War, memory, youth, education, empire, Middle East.

Oral history, public humanities, African American history, urban history, 20th century US history. Memory, trauma, museums, violence, Latin America, digital humanities, public history.

Unit: Unearthing the Hudson Valley: A 400 Year Story Through Archeology

The role of Europe and Europeans in the archaeology of post history has localizados en los circundantes de Albany, Nueva York, pero también esta In fact, as early as the nor do they believe that indigenous peoples un of Anthropology, Division of Research and Collections, New York State Museum. New York State Muse; Munsell Soil Color Charts. Grand Rapids People, Places and Material Things: Historical Archaeology of Albany, NY. New York State.

American Indian history, federal Indian policy, performance, cultural studies, popular culture, representation, American West, tourism, museums, public history. American history, public history, museums, Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania, popular culture, mass amusements, technology, industrial innovation, steamboat industry, saloons, temperance, regional identity.

Germany, 20th century, oral history, memory, World War , youth.

Camille Paglia (full)

History of Anthropology, Museum Studies,. Social history, public history, witchcraft, occult healing,folk medicine, Braucherei, folklore, folk beliefs, Pennsylvania German diaspora in Waterloo County, gender, marginalization, early Waterloo County settlement history. South, women, beauty, beauty pageants, beauty parlors, Miss America Pageant, cosmetics, memory, Confederate memory, southern memory, memory of slavery, tourism, Confederate monuments.

Early Modern History, Political-institutional history, legal history, Low Countries, ordinances, Digital Humanities, comparative history, 17th century. Public History, Popular Culture, U. Cultural History, Museums, Media, Historiography, s. Women, American West, environmental, mobility, Jefferson. United States history, world history, race, gender, citizenship, the Constitution, imperialism, immigration, Pacific history, Asian American history. Senate; 20th century social movements; policy history; public history.

Historical News and Views from the Empire State

Skip to content Public History. The panel discussion will be moderated by David Schuyler, the biographer of Calvert Vaux, who assisted Church with the design of the house. These letters provide a graphic description of war and insights that only a soldier could have. She also does cultural resource management consulting throughout New York. Oxford University Press, The Poetry Project marks its 50th anniversary in —17 with a year-long series of events that look at its history and ongoing role in shaping contemporary poetry.

Women's history, New York City, 20th Century, cultural history, feminism, literature. India, South Asia, British empire, imperialism, colonialism, anticolonialism, decolonisation, gender, masculinity, Indian princely states, Indian kingship, Baroda, the body, visual culture, South Asian diasporas. Local history, public history, 20th century urban history, Chicago, Boston, local historical societies.

German gender history, German cultural history, international and German women's organisations, peace history, women in the German revolution of , First World War, post-war period , resistance to the First World War. Historical preservation, folk art, environmental art, folk art environments, visionary art, art preservation, Salvation-Themed, visionary art,. Revolutionary War, family divisions, civil war, patriots, loyalists, neutrals, historical memory. African American history, DC history, race, housing, real estate, urban history, restrictive covenants, segregation, gentrification.

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Women and gender in twentieth-century Latin America, social movements and revolutions, nationalism and neoliberalism, memory, public history, and museums, women-of-color and transnational feminisms. Military history, Latin American Wars of independence, constitutional history, parliamentary history, nineteenth century. Modern European History, 19th century, gender, transnational perspective, professionalization, citizenship, nursing, social welfare, religion, Germany. American history, Atlantic world, African American history, race, material culture, public history.

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