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Ladder training is as vital for defenders as it is mind numbing. It is laying a rope ladder on the floor and shuffling your feet through it from one end to the other - forwards, backwards, sideways. It burns the legs something rotten but I am yet to see anything that can improve the quickness of a player's feet as fast as this type of training. The most fundamental part of playing as a midfielder is fitness. Fitness first - without the fitness, the rest of your game becomes ineffective. Typically, midfielders will run the farthest of any player in the team - between At one club I played for, two players entered into a bet to see who could run the farthest from game to game.

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If you can get two players doing that, with an idea of where to run and the reasons why, then you will win far more games than you lose. Outrunning the opposition is vital in almost every match. A lot of modern managers feel that this is a crude way of playing but what I can tell you is that I have seen average teams upstage more glamorous opponents simply by "running over them". Jose Mourinho , the Chelsea manager, knows that, too. His less fancied sides at FC Porto and Inter Milan defeated teams with what was basically a stronger work ethic.

I have played in teams that have walked all over sides, like Arsenal, purely because we worked harder, closed the ball down and got forward to support our strikers more than they did. Mourinho gave the English game purpose through fitness. Every one of his training sessions involves a ball, especially the running sessions.

I played under managers who had you running up and down the stands, as well as round and round the pitch, to get you fit.

Training Secrets From Soccer's Premier League, As Told By Mysterious 'Secret Footballer'

There always seems to be a common theme when it comes to success. A player suddenly bursts onto the scene and people wonder where the hell they came. Have you ever asked yourself what you need to do to get the same technique as Brazilian players? Well, the biggest secret is not a secret at all, they just practice.

Well, why not introduce a ball? It sounds like a treat but, once you introduce a ball, the running session becomes twice as hard. Try running through cones on your own and then with a ball. Your legs will burn twice as much with the ball. The object of this training is to make sure that the players are still comfortable with the ball when they are gasping for breath in the last throes of a game.

I tell all the kids in our youth team to take a ball.

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We have some good kids; they are dedicated but their enthusiasm is misdirected. Every running session should be done with a ball, in my view, because when you are tired in the last minutes of a game, the best way to protect the result is to keep the ball away from the opposition.

6 Training Secrets of Pro Soccer Players

If you have the ball, the other team can't score. But that can only be done if the players are of a superior level of fitness. As a midfielder, your game is a series of strides and short, sharp sprints that burn the legs a lot faster than plodding around a field. It stands to reason, then, that players need to practise getting fit in that way.


The best ways of doing that are to have keep-ball sessions, with two teams keeping the ball away from another team that has less players. Maybe six, six and six Trust me, after a minute of chasing the ball, it feels as if your legs are about to explode. There are a lot of variations on this theme. We do a similar thing just using the penalty area, with three defending against three attacking. After two minutes, players are gasping for breath. You should not therefore feel like it is the end of the world if you have not managed to pass a tryout. What Brazilian players generally do is not to sit down and feel sad, instead they ask the coach why they were not drafted and what they need to improve to get into the team.

On this way you will spot your weak sides because it is hard to criticize yourself. Having someone analyzing your game from the side especially a skilled soccer coach is great for improving your game. My personal experience is that Brazilian soccer players are most talented and the things I discuses in this guide contribute highly to their skills!

The Secret Footballer

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Conditioning Fitness Nutrition Injuries. How often should you practice Well, there is no exact answer on this one but I always recommend you to practice as soon as you have time. Always keep in mind that school is the most important thing and you will be just fine. Bad weather, what to do? Using a small ball This is something that is unique for Brazil soccer player's technique. If you want proof on this one, start to juggle for 10 min or so using a pretty small ball. Change then to your regular ball, what happens?

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The reason for this is that your touch on the ball will get more natural. Never give up Brazilian players have great confidence and it is not because they are selfish or something, it's because they know that soon or later they will get a chance to show what they can. For example; if someone tells you that your soccer moves need to be faster and performed with better determination, then listen to this advice and start to work on your moves!

Summary My personal experience is that Brazilian soccer players are most talented and the things I discuses in this guide contribute highly to their skills! Great for Soccer Goalies. Great for Soccer Players.