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The Hanse has a steep stem and short overhangs , while the deep keel and the positive sheer give her elegance and are perfect for sporty performances. Well-balanced rigging and sailing areas guarantee fine sailing performances and a high level of safety since the inclination is significantly reduced. Furthermore, the flat lines of the superstructure allow the crew to safely handle the sails , but also leave enough space for sunbathing and passing through. Although rather small, there is enough space aboard the Hanse for performance sailing , a relaxed family cruise or a comfortable sailing week with friends.

It is interesting that the standard equipment of the Hanse includes the somewhat forgotten tiller control , whereas the twin rudders system comes as an option. The standard keel has a draught of 1. Easy sailing operations are possible thanks to a self-tacking jib. The steep stern is closed with a folding platform that can turn into a bathing area or a space for children to play.

If you choose the version with the twin steering wheels, there will be a large folding cockpit table for serving delicious dinners during romantic sunsets. The interior abounds with natural light and fresh air thanks to the scratch-resistant glass panes and ample portholes. Special emphasis is given to the storage place which is well-placed between the saloon, the pantry and the cabins. The standard height of the interior in the operational areas makes this yacht extremely cozy , regardless of her size. For example, the height of the companionway is 1.

Depending on the chosen option for the bow, it can come with an open bulkhead and double berth, or with a closed bulkhead, a small seat and a variable double berth. The stern comes with a comfortable king size berth. In the saloon, there is a galley, a chat table and a dinner table that is not very big, but can comfortably accommodate a crew of four. In the first drop down list, choose the name of the embassy you are searching for. In the second one, choose the location of the embassy such as: One of the best ways she has found is writing for sailing magazines.

If you're an aspiring writer read her tips for getting your foot in the door. How we fund the cruising life Posted September Everybody wants to know, but few ask. After eight years circumnavigating, SV Totem's cruising family spill the beans on how they can afford to do what they do. How we make money to stay afloat. A useful summary of blogs by cruisers on how they earn money in order to keep on cruising, by SV Salty.

Long term cruising in the Mediterranean Posted May Interesting thread on Cruisers Forum about the multitude of factors to consider when planning long term cruising in the Med. Managing Essential Paperwork whilst Cruising. Even when you cast off your lines, bills, tax returns and admin still follow in your wake. Managing Money whilst cruising Posted October Outfitting a boat to sail around the world Posted July What we bought, what we learned and what we'd do differently. A great blog post by Tasha and Ryan from their Fountain Pajot "Cheeky Monkey" with some very helpful advice and recommendations.

Preparing your boat for Ocean Cruising December He describes how he prepared his yacht. Sailing around the world on a budget Posted October Catamaran Elcie and her family crew are about to embark on an ambitious 2 year circumnavigation. Here they share their thoughts on the planning involved.

The Cost of Cruising. Links to a variety of blogs, articles, podcasts and videos by live-aboards cruising in different parts of the world and some circumnavigating who have addressed this subject, recorded their expenditure in detail and given advice on hidden costs etc. The global movement of cruising boats - Where do all the boats go? Since Jimmy Cornell has conducted every five years a survey of the global movement of cruising yachts.

The latest was done in and examined the global situation during the previous year. If you want to find out where the major sailing hubs are and the characteristics of today's typical long-distance cruising yacht, this is a must-read. Regardless of where we are or how clean and tidy our boats, we are all subject to pests.

Marmaris Bay Cruisers have published a few ideas on how to handle, eradicate, and control them. Nine Ways to Keep Bugs at Bay. Cruising World Magazine outline nine simple steps to avoid an infestation. Some great advice here. Coping with Hot Weather on a Boat.

Planning & Preparation

Carolyn Shearlock has a great many useful strategies for how to keep your cool on board when the temperature rises. After living on board their catamaran for over six months, here are SY Kittiwake's list of things that make living on board much more comfortable and pleasant. Plant a Garden on a Cruising Boat. A website by sailors with over , ocean miles and more than 20 Atlantic Passages in a small sailboat without using refrigeration. How to get the best out of your galley plus lots of practical ideas for life on board.

Messing about in boats on Germany's lakes – and barely a tourist in sight

A very useful site on how to get the most out of your on-board cooking facilities - plus loads of other practical advice and tips for liveaboards. The Monkey's Fist focuses on topics of interest to cruisers, liveaboards, and soon-to-bees. We connect bloggers with readers and readers with topics. Great for a browse and useful info.

A really useful list of products and tips that have been tried and tested by cruisers and might just make your life a little easier on board. Association founded in Argentina to promote sailing and navigation. Offer Spanish speaking sailors BLU assistance and delegates to help in many ports worlwide.

The mission of Bluewater Cruising Association is to foster seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising.

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We achieve this by providing a forum for communication and information exchange among members through regular meetings, social events, courses and especially, the Association's widely acclaimed publication, "Currents". Founded in it has one of the most extensive nautical libraries and cruising information centres in the world and works closely with European government and international bodies to protect the interests of leisure sailors.

It also has specialist sections in 17 different cruising regions. For further information on the association please visit their website.

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Cruising Club Of America. Thorough and updated information on range of cruising subjects especially aimed at North American sailors including information on offshore communications and "Cruising European Waters" buoyage, charts and cruising guides, European datum, nautical almanacs, regional identification, tidal ranges, Beaufort wind scales, part shipments from the US, VAT, Shengen countries, cruising charges, Med mooring, telephones, electricity, propane etc.

Changes have been highlighted in yellow to make them easy to spot. Suggestions and corrections are always welcomed. Walter Paul, Cruising Club of America. Founded in , the ICC is a club for seagoing sailors, who have a genuine interest in cruising. Most members live in Ireland and Northern Ireland, although there are many living in other parts of the world.

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The Club has no premises but holds regular social functions and rallies, both around Ireland and elsewhere. The club publishes two pilot books that cover the coasts of Ireland, and another, 'Cruising Ireland', that fills in the interesting details about the coastal regions. All are essential aids to safe and enjoyable voyaging around Ireland. Owned by Nigel and Amanda Richards. ICA offers an ever-growing knowledge base of cruising resources and information specific to Extended Coastal New Zealand and a developing section on Australia and Offshore, with an emphasis on the South West Pacific.

Nigel, Amanda and Ella, their daughter, are committed to encouraging more families to get out there and achieve their sailing dreams. Los Correos de la Mar Sea Couriers. Volunteers and sailors cooperating to take humanitarian aid by boat to countries around the world. Members of the officially registered club are mostly owners of yachts cruising in the Med. The club also runs a internet bulletin board with more than Skippers who share their experience about cruising in the Med.

Mainly in German but an English section has been added where sailors can ask questions. Click on the Forum button on the home page. The Ocean Cruising Club exists to promote long-distance cruising in all its forms and although it is an international club, it is administered from the UK. Members are identified by a distinctive blue and yellow burgee with a stylized Flying Fish on the blue part of the flag.

Membership is open to anyone either as skipper, or certified as competent by the skipper, who has completed a continuous ocean passage of at least miles, measured along the rhumb line, in a vessel of under 72 feet. The Ocean Cruising Club maintains a network of over Port Officers world-wide to assist members in their undertakings and publishes the journal "Flying Fish" twice a year and a quarterly newsletter. Much published material is available for non-members to review on the OCC website. A voluntary organisation run by yachtsmen to provide planning and cruise planning information.

Have a number of free cruising guides for download as well as printed material at a cost. New feedback and question forum introduced November The International Certificate of Competence can be obtained from them, as it is now required by most countries in Europe.

After a 2 year break, the family resumed their journey in September , heading to Morocco, the Canary islands and across the Atlantic via Cape Verde. The purpose of the list is to disseminate information that other Southbounders may find useful. A gust of wind catches us, another boat blocks an essential bit of water, and our stern swings towards a rather expensive-looking yacht. Getting work done on your boat whilst long distance cruising: We are a Swiss family already cruising since 12 years around the world and made on the trip 4 children.

SSCA, a non-profit, international organization with nearly 10, members, has been supporting liveaboard cruisers for over fifty years. The goals of the original founders are still the goals of SSCA today: Active online Discussion Board is open to everyone. Links page lists special discounts available to members. Equipment Survey and other publications available.

Regular gatherings with cruising seminars held annually in several locations. Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club. The concept is to create and maintain a Network for Cruising Yachties and individuals who enjoy boating. Each "Vice Commodore" representing an individual Nautical Location ie an Island, Islet, River, Bay, about which they have some knowledge so as to be able to provide advice or assistance to other "Vice Commodores". Currently over 3, "Vice Commodores" with membership in 14 countries. Trans Ocean eV was founded in and aims to promote offshore sailing.

Based in Cuxhaven, Germany the club has over 5, members. These include several hundred sailing around the world, plus a worldwide network of community-run bases supporting cruisers. Well used crew finder service specializing in offshore sailing. Online resources include cruising reports, blogs and online magazine. Free online sailing magazine monthly for the Pacific North West. Useful cruising articles and advice from NW cruisers sailing around the world. The magazine's website offers a wide variety of resources for sailors including a very comprehensive worldwide list of sailboat associations and informal user groups, a searchable database of marine suppliers, sailboat listings, a growing directory of sailing blogs, a multitude of useful articles and a large number of audiobook titles.

Can subscribe to "Lectronic Latitude" with headlines every few days. Monthly magazine with cruising news, navigation and gear info. This online magazine specialises in providing news and resources for yachting professionals as well as encompassing a business directory and a jobs board. Whilst aimed primarily at superyachts, many of the articles are relevant to the cruising world. Bi-weekly magazine that evaluates all kind of cruising equipment.

Takes no advertising so no bias. Subscription based - however there are many free articles on their website. A Chesapeake Bay, US, sailing magazine written by sailors for sailors. Has a cruising, racing, weather and boats for sale section. Caribbean Cruisers' Facebook pages. Circumnavigation was started half way through our trip around because we believed that we and others could benefit by being able to easily share information. Our best source of information has been Noonsite. Circumnavigation is open to anyone that has recently, or is currently crossing an ocean or circumnavigating in any sort of vessel.

Cruising boats, cruising people, cruising answers. Originating in and called the "Venezuelan Cruisers Group", the CNO started as a means for cruisers in and around Venezuela to stay in touch and share information. There are now over members, including circumnavigators, who regularly exchange information regarding their cruising experiences, immigration matters, safety and security issues, fuel prices, and other matters of mutual interest.

Also of interest in the "Files" section are many Cruiser written Information Guides to various South and Central American countries and European waters. Westbound cruisers headed to the South Pacific use the Pacific Puddle Jump to disseminate information that others may find useful. Boats departing from the West Coast of the Americas headed towards French Polynesia share information on preparation, weather routing, visa and arrival information, tips and suggestions.

A nearly page crossing guide is available for download in the files section of the PPJ Yahoo group. The social network for cruisers. Sharing your adventures, pictures, videos and blogs with other cruisers is only a click away. The purpose of the list is to disseminate information that other Southbounders may find useful. Women Who Sail Facebook Group. Active Yahoo Group for Families. Arctic Cruising through a 15 years old's eyes Posted July Her blog about everything that interests her on this exciting voyage is a great one to follow.

Ultimately the crew of 4 plus 3 furry crew members , plan to travel the world on their Lagoon catamaran "Giro". They would love to hear from other cruising families. Australian Family going where the wind takes them Posted November As rank newbies, their blog offers an interesting perspective.

Why every sailor needs a GIRL on board!

Becoming a sailor on a St Francis 50 catamaran August - ongoing. New to sailing and the cruising lifestyle, this blog documents how a mother with four young children makes the transition from landlubber to competent, bluewater sailor. What does it take to safely cross oceans with very young children?

The Sexy New Hanse

Vigilance, ingenuity and a lot of eye straps. A useful article by Cruising World Magazine. A continuously refreshing feed of the latest updates from cruising families and a few liveaboards that write about their life on the water, along with a list of those blogs. A forum for boat kids up to the age 13, and for those thinking about going cruising who have lots of questions to ask.

See Noonsite report for more information. Created by Drew Collins, himself sailing across the Pacific with his family from November to Australia, this forum is for any kids under 19 who live on board and want to talk about their sailing adventures, give ideas or tips, or just chat.

Soon Drew will be adding a google maps so you can pin on the map where you are. Bringing up a Baby on board Posted February After leaving Italy in , Dieter and Maribel Maier arrived in the Caribbean and started a family twins in January whilst in Grenada. See great photos and blog of how they coped with newborn babies aboard their Amel Kirk As you would at home, be careful who you leave your children with whilst afloat. Sadly, the same criminals circulate on boats as they do on the streets. This sailor, a former British teacher, has been jailed for more than three years.

Circumnavigating with Children Posted April The joys and considerations of taking a family to sea. Circumnavigation, seven years and two babies Updated March If you are thinking about going cruising with very young children, or indeed starting a family whilst living on board, Eivind and Heidi's blog is an inspirational read. They returned home to Norway in Captain Jay has been living, working and traveling by sea for 10 years and 6 years ago Natasha and her 2 young daughters became permanent stow-aways when he sailed by their home country Costa Rica.

Since then they have added 2 more to the crew, one born onboard in Martinique and the other near the Arctic circle in Iceland. Jay began from San Francisco and sailed throughout the Pacific single handed on an engineless vessel, and together with his family has sailed throughout the Caribbean, North Atlantic, Arctic circle, North Sea and currently they are in Europe.

This is an excellent article by Amy Schaefer Posted 19 December , with useful tips on how to make an ocean passage more enjoyable for all the crew, including the younger ones. Inspiring families to dream and live epic adventures! Started by the Hemingway family, who themselves sailed almost 17, miles with 5 children, these podcasts meet families who have also travelled in unique ways.

Family Cruising and Healthy Child Development. Family Voyaging - Alaska to New Zealand. Burns family website devoted to family cruising based on their experiences. The focus of the site is to encourage and assist other families in making such a voyage. Includes a daily blog from the entire voyage, interactive passage planning and preparation, their book, and more.

Family of 4 Cruising the World since Posted October The Bright family on their cutter-rigged sloop Yindee Plus are in Indonesia at the time of posting, having begun their extended cruising from the UK in Their blog has lots of interesting reports and twin sons Sid and Wilf have their own blogs also. Report by Sail Magazine. By Maia Selkirk of Catamaran Ceilydh, who has spent the last 7 years sailing around the world with her parents.

The Giffords, an American family of five, left their homeport of Bainbridge Island in and are currently half way through their circumnavigation. Jill Schinas is happy to give advice to anyone with questions about educating your kids on board. Check out her website.

Lots of good resources. A group map is available to track members and their locations to use as a tool for meeting up and sharing information. Michael and Windy are cruising liveaboards with their two daughters. Currently having cruised from Mexico to British Columbia their blog has a great many links to other family blogs and useful info. New forum for travelling families Posted January Cruising Families is a map-based forum to help travelling families to find each other and to connect with each other.

Currently still under development - find out more at the web link. Ocean Crusaders Posted November Educating children on issues our oceans are facing. The primary goal of the Ocean Crusaders campaign is educating youth through their primary school education program. They have developed a lesson program for any primary school teacher, or parent, to download free of charge from this site and present to their children. Good kids section with a great information and a puzzle page. This detailed article by Cruising World addresses important safety issues if you have toddlers on board.

Pacific Cruising from California Posted March They sold everything they owned, spent a year cruising the Sea of Cortes, sailed 18, miles across the South Pacific and are currently docked at the Ala Wai marina in Waikiki, waiting to cross to Kodiak, Alaska in the spring. You can read about their journey so far on their blog. Routes to the Sailing Life May Nadine Slavinski, teacher and life-long sailor, took a year-long sabbatical in with her husband and young son, cruising the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Her experiences led her to develop material to help sailing families make the most of all the learning opportunities available whilst cruising.

Published "Lesson Plans Ahoy! Sailing around the world connecting with classrooms Posted October Molly and Emma are about to embark on a 2 year circumnavigation with their parents on board their catamaran Elcie.

Sailing With Bloom to wheneverthefunrunsout. The Bloom Crew is a family of three with a crazy whippet who adores every human being on this planet. Based in Victoria, BC, this adventuresome trio is currently living aboard and will be heading South in down the West Coast with an eventual landing in La Paz, Mexico. What does their year-old son have to say about this upcoming journey?

Follow them across the seas and horizons on their blog or get in touch by e-mail. Sailing adventures of 2 little boys at least partially around the world Posted January Moya and her family crew of four, are exploring our planet from the sea. Jonathan 3 , Joshua 5 , Christian and Sabrina started their adventures in when Jonathan was just 3 months old, heading from the Baltic Sea down to Portugal. After a 2 year break, the family resumed their journey in September , heading to Morocco, the Canary islands and across the Atlantic via Cape Verde.

After sailing the Caribbean Windward Islands, they are now visiting Venezuela, Columbia and Panama on their way into the Pacific Ocean, which they are going to sail during They love to learn about foreign cultures, explore nature, sailing or hiking and tell stories of their little adventures on their website. Sailing north through the Caribbean with teenagers on board Posted January We are a family of three, Matt, Lisa and 14 year old Gaia. We plan to sail north through the Caribbean islands aboard Entelechy, our Lagoon 52 Catamaran.

Translation of sexy in German

We would love to meet other families sailing through the Caribbean with teenagers on board. Includes some great tips for home schooling, links and advice on long-term cruising with children. Great new resource for learning about safety on the sea with games, activities, creative projects, stories and much more. Started circumnavigation and looking for other families Posted October We are a family of 3 from Barcelona Spain: Joan 52 , Esther 51 and Gerard 13 years old.

Our boat It's a Columbia A classic plastic from built in California. We left Barcelona at the start of October , heading to Graciosa in the Canaries for an Atlantic crossing at the end of the year. Have a long stop in New Zealand and then we are undecided as to how to get back to Barcelona. Possibly via the Red Sea. We have 3 years - extendable to 5. We left Sweden August and will most probably return August We are a Swiss family already cruising since 12 years around the world and made on the trip 4 children. We like to contribute with our blog and encourage more families to try once to go sailing with their kids.

Nature is really a great teacher for them and we hope we meet them once in an anchorage and go together for a clean-up? A trio of families with different boats and budgets take a Caribbean sabbatical and learn important lessons about themselves and the cruising life.