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System Wipe / The Good, the Bad and the Alien

R 90 min Action, Horror, Sci-Fi. After an experiment to make the ultimate weapon goes wrong, a team of commandos is sent into a genetic research lab and end up getting stalked by a creature that looks a lot like the Predator. TV 92 min Action, Adventure, Fantasy. When a demon god steals the Hammer of Invincibility, Thor strikes a mighty blow to get it back. When a young woman comes home from college to her redneck family, a mutated new entry to the alligator family starts attacking her kin and the rivaling family in their bayou. Hundreds of dinosaurs created by a biotech firm escape into Los Angeles, and wreak havoc on the city.

Not Rated 86 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. Teenager, Joan gets more than she bargained for when her workaholic dad buys her a cute pet monkey who grows wings, fangs, and an insatiable thirst for blood come nightfall. TV 86 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature's deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace.

After the American Army shot down a UFO in , generations of elite commandos were secretly trained to deal with the aliens' feared return. However, the extra-terrestrials never came back Fraternity brothers head to Las Vegas for spring break. One of them steals the sword of Thutmose III from a hotel. But they have unleashed an ancient curse, and a sand storm that slowly When Earth is attacked by a hostile alien force, a small town firefighter and a rogue SETI scientist team up to activate the only technology capable of defeating the invaders.

General Monning wants to establish a new canine army. The bodies of various drug cartel members are turning up mangled and drained of blood. A group of base jumpers travels to a forbidden area to jump of of Devils peak, accidentally disturbing an ancient evil protecting the lands. TV 85 min Horror. When a haunted gold mine is reopened after a years, a horrific supernatural creature escapes to exact vengeance on a small Southern town.

A group of Apocalyptic fanatics must use their knowledge of apocalyptic movies to save the world from a devastating solar flare. TV 89 min Action, Horror, Thriller. During a zombie apocalypse ,a group of survivors hide on Alcatraz Island to escape from rising zombie hordes. When their refuge is overrun, and upon hearing that a scientist may have TV 83 min Horror. A sorority house is inundated with ghosts while the housemother goes on a killing spree. R 87 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. A cast of characters, strikingly similar to the cast of Jersey Shore, try to survive an epidemic of sharks attacking Miami Beach.

R 86 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. Reba the poacher is back, now an E. Black Lake has turned into a crocodile sanctuary, surrounded by an electric fence. When the fence gets left open one night, a high-school I said in a recent post my test for Dr who is that I naturally want to watch each episode about 5 times. I did not feel like this when Moffat first took over the show; yorn. I will never watch that mess again. That episode was perfect dramatic moving interesting mysterious cant Waite for more. Adult Kid , Kid Adult who care I like good art. Well Done Steven; I think you got it now.

But you tend to slip from brilliant to average or just boring. Why not Dr who should lead the way of all shows. I have noticed many ideas from Dr who in others show and films over the last 40 years even in Star Wars The Emperor reminded me of Davos; and the early actor who played Davos was a skilled and amazing actor was so impressed by his performances even then I was astounded and knocked out by that talent.

This is the link which was well needed between the very talented Russle T Davis Doctor who with David Tenant and the new boring Steven Moffat Doctor which which was not working till very recently nothing worked the writing acting all a mess. Well Done the show is better as a result. Show started to get better this season. The show getting color back in cheeks. Last episode actually brilliant the mini me Tardis No dull switched off non working moment common with Moffat Dr who. Capaldi seems to be actually projecting real emotion which I think Moffat tries to block same old control issues.

Matt had no emotion at all as the Dr waste of time and money. Moffat has bad tatse in cast until this season. Love the camp ladies involved Dr Who always had camp with style and action n mystery. Big moving characters not little ones. Not enough characters always same threesome Danny Clara Dr. Moee lgbt please they bring vibrance. Not bad so far will only work if it continues like this or no one interested in x mass special other shows to watch.

I have plenty of issues with Moffat. Others, though, are in places I cannot get to or return to—geography, health, expense…seemingly surmountable obstacles that, in many cases, I have no way past.

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Action-packed original fiction for younger Doctor Who fans, starring the Eleventh Doctor with his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Double-fronted. Buy Doctor Who: Young Reader Adventures Book 2 - System Wipe/ The Good, the Bad and the Alien by OLI SMITH (ISBN: ) from Amazon's.

A person does not have to be dead to be unreachable and those kinds of separations are painful in their own right—not more so than death, but not LESS so than death. Tea Leaves and Dog Ears. Killing characters off is not a sign of intellectual creativity. An AIDS virus without a brain can kill people. If we had a nuclear war killing off all the intelligent life in the known universe that would not make us all more intellectually creative.. Character death has its narrative purposes and can be executed no pun intended! It was deemed a show for children not because it was goofy and without substance… But simply because it was science fiction of the most imaginative kind.

It had heart and provoked thought. The characters and plots engaged children AND adults through their hearts, minds, sense of humor, sense of adventure…. In it, Peter Davison speaks with Steven Moffat and runs down a list of adjectives that Peter collected describing traits of an ultimate Doctor. As Peter goes down the list, reading the more serious character traits like wisdom and bravery… Steven Moffat reveals his whole shallow view of who the Doctor should be.

He systematically dismisses the idea that the Doctor is any more than an alien screwball. It looks like that lines up with what he expressed during that special. Doctor Who in itself is epic. The show has begun to become bereft of deeper, sometimes-unspoken wisdom, bravery, immense heart and hurt and PAST. Seems like some people want more. I want more too, and better.

I need stories where everybody lives. I think one of my biggest issues with Moffat since he took over is the character development or rather the lack of character development.

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They gave the companions depth that has seriously been lacking since Davies left the show. They were real people you could, to an extent, identify with which made everything seem a little more real. The other frustrating thing with Amy was that you were never sure who she was really in love with, Rory or the Doctor. One of them is her grandmother, but who are the other two? These women literally only exist as tools of the Doctor.

They have no lives outside of spending time with him. He is the reason they exist or, more accurately, they exist because of him to serve him. A lot of people seemed to think that Clara was going to be just a friend, like Donna, but to me at least, it was so obvious from the beginning that she had a crush on him and was going to fall for him as well. Honestly, I would love for them to bring on a new companion who was just friends. If Moffat just takes the time to actually develop his companions, I think that would make a huge difference in the show.

Part of what would help with that to an extent would be if he cut back on some of the timey-wimey stuff. Quite frankly though all I wanted by the end of that episode was to gag the kids and chuck them in a trunk because they were so bratty and obnoxious. He had the ability to make even a minor character seem important and when you saw them die, it meant something and sometimes you cried over that loss. Did I cry when Amy and Rory left? But I think the occasional death added a sense of reality to a show that is so outside the realm of reality.

Both Day of the Doctor and Time of the Doctor have battle scenes. In none of those scenes do you see anyone die other than Daleks or some other enemy. You see people fleeing, you see people being cornered by the enemy, but then miraculously the enemy senses the Doctor and turns away from the people, allowing them to escape. Time can be reset or that person will come back anyway. Running with the Doctor used to be more interesting, more daring, more risky when there was the chance that someone you cared about could die, now it just feels pretty tame.

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One of the main themes in classic who is the conflict between the Doctor and the Time Lords. Especially their ever present non-interference policies regarding the rest of the universe. So, it was especially interesting to learn about Time War. Because here were people who literally could wipe memory, shutting down whole aspects of personality as punishment for interfering with the affairs of the rest of the Universe. The beginning question was: And learning that a full out destruction on a universal scale forced the Doctor to commit a genocide to save the rest of the Universe was jarring for many fans.

The seasons of the aftermath were especially interesting because we knew just what a personal sacrifice that must have been. To realize that it was all for show and not really what happened was… disappointing. Even funnier is that these Moffat era companions all have one thing in common: But even if he decided to say: We need to know there are rules. Ponds were lost, but then they spent the next 50 years living, having a kid, writing books and so on.

There are no rules or explanations really why and how she can show up and disappear constantly. Yet, they are never truly lost. They are simply misplaced. Just like Time Lords. How interesting is that? And without choice given to them about said decisions. Because Rassilion forbid someone would ever want to leave the Doctor? All those awards, high ratings, increased toy, comic, clothing sales. The BBC should just shut it down, what a massive drain on them.

Reblogged this on The Budding Philosopher and commented: And I will say the whole big reset button disturbed me as well. How on Earth is Moffat a sexist or a homophobe? Madame Vashtra is married to the human female Jenny! There are plenty of Sherlock-digs-Watson jokes in Sherlock. If Moffat is a sexist or a homophobe, he really sucks at it. In fact most of his characters lack depth…. Think for a moment how the Irene Adler story was resolved ignoring the bonus scene at the end.

Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

So yeah, not a good female role model so much as a brilliant mind undone in the end by the sad fact that she was only a woman with female frailties after all. You forgot River who would literally have the universe fall apart rather than see the Doctor die. People should get over themselves with regards to this show. Can we not just enjoy it for what it is: I find this a very strange attitude. What exactly is wrong with thinking about and expressing an opinion about a TV show? To me, a good tv show like Doctor Who is like a good movie and a good book: This makes absolutely no sense.

It cannot be the best show no matter what. It has to be the best show to be the best show. I realize that sentence is redundant but the point I am trying to make is that legacy only carries something so far. If Moffat continues to make bad episodes the show is getting bad. Most of the praise comes from people that have watched every episode, and most of the criticism comes from people that have watched every episode. Both sides seem to like watching the show, the critics just seem to need to flap their gums about it.

Yes, they were popular. Yes, it was sad to see them go. Did we love Rose… yes. Was she an annoying 19 year old… yes the rolling of the eyes when Mickey came along made me dislike her character Was Donna annoying… beyond description, yes. Was Donna amazing in portraying all of us as the seemingly unimportant person who turns out to be the most important person… yes. Equally as much as Davies writing is corny.

In fact, I did stop wasting my time. I still love some of the things that happened, but the bad outweighed the good for long enough that I walked away. Which made me sad, because watching Davison as a child taught me to be honest and virtuous and valiant. And to always keep a stalk of celery handy. However, I have bawled my eyes out at every loss because it was, in fact, a loss.

It still breaks your heart. Having watched every episode more than once, I can tell you that every companion is unique. Every Doctor is unique. Every loss breaks the heart in a different way. The show is, overall, brilliant. It makes you happy, it makes you sad, and most of all, it makes you love each character as an individual.

Fundamentally I agree, even though the RTD fan that is inside of me thinks: Is a death depicted as somenthing undesirable corny? He wrote a Doctor deeply human and realistic, and to be corny, selfish, or jealous sometimes is part of being human. The doctor is exhausted. So, the author is clearly a RTD fan, and upset that Moffett has the helm. Reblogged this on Author! If Moffat is a sexist, he really sucks at it. Moffat is not a sexist. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands.

WordPress deep replies can be a little hinky on mobile. The only gay character Moffat has written ends up falling in love with Sherlock- and her downfall IS being in love with Sherlock! Will this damage anything? John goes through several girlfriends. I would like to go on record and say that the queen should be played by a man. Spoiler the Time of the Doctor: That was impossibile before the Day of the Doctor. RTD was just as bad. With RTD we never watched a person erased from the reality so that nobody can remember him, that is getting rid of the grief and the loss.

When Donna lost her memory the Doctor was very sad for the loss of Donna and of all his companions and Wilfred says he will remember the Doctor. You give an explanation which you claim is a main difference between Moffat and RTD. You say Moffat lets you invest emotion with a dying character, such as Rory, and then basically, throws it in your face because the event never happened, or he resurrects the character. RTD did the exact same thing. Look at The Master. But he brought him back.

RTD is as guilty as Moffat! Both got to the viewers. How can you not see it and have a heart? It is full of grief. Do you not understand grief? The Master is a very peculiar case. He come back after death several times in the old episodes. A the beginning of the movie he was executed and soon after he came back again.

Death and riturn is the typical thing that one can expects from the Master. Looking at the Master, RTD did what the old series had done before. Did I just read a long diatribe of someone complaining about a story having happy endings for its characters instead of being full of long term misery and suffering? Views like this are the death of quality drama.

If one can not use the full range of the emotional spectrum, then one invariably creates something that is little more than hollow and disposable. Death, grief, sorrow, loss, and pain are just as important as life, love, companionship, happiness, and compassion. Fear is as important as bravery, ramifications and consequence are just as critical as the ability to cope and move on. Any artist that intentionally ignores certain colours on their palette only limits what can be achieved with their art.

Moffat ignores a lot of colours on his palette, and only ever painting his stories using select few colours has long since gotten old. Capaldi deserves better than that. And so do the fans. I personally have noticed several continuity errors. And I even have a bone to pick with Davies. By having Eccleston state that he was years old, he effectively kills off four Doctors within years. And now, thanks to Moffat, five Doctors. The NuWho, as my friends have taken to calling it, is lacking in continuity.

That is my biggest thing. The people just discovering Doctor Who. I am on Time and the Rani now. Talking of lack in continuity, my question is: Most of the people opinions about it, are based on commonplaces, so Moffat and RTD know well that they are almost free to do what they want. I wonder if the Eighth is , too. That made me so mad with the age change. He must have forgotten. RTD only killed off the 8th.

Honestly, I have no problem believing that the Doctor ripped through a few incarnations comparatively quickly — he lives a very dangerous life. The First Doctor — so maybe inhuman longevity only seriously kicks in after the first regeneration. Doctor Who is so much better than that crap that is the new It has much more respect to everything that came before because everything that came before did happen and this is still the same character.

You hit it on the nail. Thank you for your words, they illustrate perfectly my point of view. I sort of agreed with this. Madame de Pompadour did not die of old age, she did of tuberculosis at 42 look it up. Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead were together my favorite who episode of all time precisely because it was so tragic. To me, that was a rate exemplification of who he is underneath. Of his desperation to save the day, even if it is in no way saved. What are those things, really? I was totally with you on the Giant Reset Button phenomenon — total cop-out.

Taking the character problem a step further, the biggest thing Moffat did that infuriated me was totally dropping the ball on River Song. Moffat cheapened River, did not convince me that either one of them fell in love with the other, and frankly did not spend enough time focused on a character who should have been so important to The Doctor. They were flat characters whose actions supported the plot rather than driving it.

Even how in love Amy was with Rory at any given moment was keyed to the plot. Killing off characters is not a meaningful plot device in and of itself. Those deaths must mean something and they must have impact. But in order for that to happen, you have to be able to write a convincing character and follow-through. Reblogged this on Disorganized Musings and commented: A beautiful post that managed to hit the nail on the head. Do you know what we have in common?

Doctor Who was a show that could give you hope for yourself, your future, your planet, and inspire you. It ripped your heart out and made you grief for the characters, and not only their deaths, but everything that happened to them. It was like a part of your belief system, the way that you could instantly be transported into a world where the whole universe was right in front of you.

You see, their portrayal of typical human nature while at the same time exploring the universe, telling you everything that was out there, and all of the dangers that might be there too was what made me fall in love with the show. Everything seemed genuine and believable, all because of the characters reactions to it. The show went from being something that you watched with wide eyes, feeling everything that the characters felt, and believing every minute of it to something that you could watch while never looking away from your computer screen.

You might have cried over a character, but never fret! The character comes back! It was like they never died in the first place! For those fans who have felt real grief in their lives, the shows portrayal of death and reactions to it fall flat. And it never used to be just a show.

Realizing that this has truly been the gimmick, the gimmick that nobody dies… well. The fact that nobody dies in his world makes it really e. You say that the Doctor grieved for The Master. But, RTD throws it back in your face when he brought him back. Showing the Doctor crying for the Master RTD made us aware of how important is the Master for the Doctor,how great is the solitude of the doctor and how is hard for the doctor the awereness of being the last of the time lords.

I received nothing back in my face because when the master came back the Doctor continued to show his respect for the life of the Master. I do think and feel that a sneaky promotion was going on. How refined and stylish it all was. It is true that the visual style was very good, better that Russle very chic.

But the heart was missing I thought serious lack in acting skills, script writing and weak characters with little personality or presence easier to control. It was almost as if underneath it all was sort of all about selling British style M and S selling frocks from the show, British style and tailoring i. It all seemed a bit Naff and Dull. I did read BBC may have lost interest in the show as they did in the 90s. Well with Moffat as main Gov I am not surprised. Moffat is ok for a show or two but no more he does not have the talent , skills or long term ability to deliver.

Get a top class comedy writer into SCI fI that would lift the show to where it belongs. Did Matt high jack the show for his Handsome looks and Fashion style, Like Blair High jacked Labor and Beckham took over football but maybe he wanted to be a Model in fact he is a all rounder anyway; but not every one is. At the time Matt came in there was still this lets respect someone who can high jack systems and we are meant to admire this? Obviously the popularity of the show has grown. I feel like this is because of the loyalty of the older fans, introducing new people to it, how highly people regard it, popularity of the actors etc but these new fans think that the show is brilliant without necessarily being aware of the decline that, I too feel, has come about.

Being a fan of the show does not necessarily make one a good writer or producer of the show. In fact the fan mentality can spoil the creativity because trying to be the fan the outsider and the insider is a bit odd and a lot to ask.. But can work with the right person i. I am writing this and my other comments because I do not watch much Tv but I take my watching seriously and Dr Who is one of the best ever shows and I want to protect it and ensure it always remains brilliant.

All the Gay mates that came to watch, their friends ; everyone; not just kids. I will be watching and it better be superb. I want to be amazed and feel great emotion and even have a tear or two that is my text; or I will stop watching until it is Brilliant again. Sometimes spin, rubbish, needs to be part of another show. Not Uk;s Most popular international show. I thought it was brilliantly done. I thought that when Moffat did one or two episodes that that worked with Russle. I think Moffat is fairly talent-ess and empty after 2 very boring years since Russle Left.

From what I have read Steven tried to get Russle back and I agree this is important; Because Russle is a genius who underplays himself. His shows Russle move me deeply to tears amaze me too and I look faward to them and I like that. I love his casting and his characters and his imagination is superb. I would say that Doctor who is a show not a kids show. It could easily be on; Tv at 9 pm on Saturdays or Mondays even.

I think BBC can not go on with Steven he is not the right guy for this historic show. Some of his episodes where good but he is not consistent. He has little direction , style which is vital today. I think Doctor who scared him and Matt Smith and he never really got over that. When Russle came on board with sexy Gay and Vibrant ideas about the sexy and vibrant and characterful city of London even though whales the show flew and truly was fantastic. I feel this could work well, because of the sense of style and Kitch, color , shape tone, which some Gay people seem to possess; or you could say it is simply part of the culture so part of the thinking and part of the style.

The camp throw away lines really suited Doctor who. Moreover I think the show needed to go more camp not into a straight persons sci fi which it sort of became I felt. Moffat played into the Rustic Middle class Art scene which should be background, not in the forefront ; it was not really progressive but telling us what we know.

Or Mix up the styles so that all can enjoy. I thought that Jack and River song had a lot of style, both camp and sexy this added a lot to the show with Tenants incredible versatile acting skills. I do like The Sontaron with the Reptile Lady in fact each time they come on the show jumped up a bit in terms of quality and interest. I felt that Matt and Steven did not really know what they were doing and this came across and it weakened the show.

Matt became stronger and better but it seemed too late. Moreover, Moffat directing the new guy is a big risk. BBC Should consider replacing him gently or bluntly. I think the current Easterners Director and Writer would work well because of the Brilliant understanding of characters.

Where are the spin offs? No talent to create them? We were all spolit by Russle. How do you follow that. Also make the show more street and sexy more Multicultural which is what Russle brought in and was the original idea for the show. I found that clumsy and somehow backward? The following Day Herbal Tea to cleanse the system. RTD was an awful Showrunner. Billie Piper was dreadful, and her character was even worse. The character left, but kept coming back.

This was unfair for the new companion, how do you think Freema Agyeman felt about Billie Piper always turning up? I personally loved Rose and everything about her. I grew up with Doctor Who. I watched it from the age of 8 when my parents allowed me to watch it on the old black and white TV. I actually remember sitting down with my family who were huge sci-fi fans. That was the only night of the week we all watched TV together, and when Doctor who came back in it brought families back together to watch together again.

I loved the 9th and 10th doctors, the companions, the storylines, but I only watched the first 7 or 8 episodes of the 11th doctor because he seemed to have forgotten everything. You ask how Freema must have felt when Billie kept coming back, well how about when Sarah Jane left? The companions that followed her had to live up to who she had been and her importance to the Doctor. When Adric died they all felt it and the Doctor kept Nyssa and Tegan close. When Moffat took over he stripped everything that the doctor had been away and effectively wiped the slate clean.

The character I loved is gone and I feel no desire to clear my schedule so that I can be home to watch the new episode, not like I did with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Reblogged this on SoundsLikeGeorge. Confusing yes but brilliant! I actually agree with a lot of this. But, if you do jump on him, give the Rose arguement a rest. There were more then a couple of episodes where the outcome should have been left as was, not reset with a bandaid slapped over the top to make it better. Some of the edge is gone that the ealier episodes had where you actually had to wonder if everyone would be ok and who would make it.

In The Five Doctors it was made clear that only the current Doctor would remember what happened. So that means, yes, that 9 is still angry, and 10 still is wracked with grief and guilt. Please pay closer attention. Everyone commenting understands that. Remember the emotion, the terror, the danger of the show? Nine and Ten still believe they destroyed Gallifrey. Why undo the driving force behind the reboot of the show? There was no reason for Moffat to make the 50th about the Time War, no reason for him to insert his own Doctor into the lineup. Would I love to see someone else take over some time soon.

This comes from a Old Who fan.

Since Moffat took over, this show has gone backwards, anyone who is a fan or not can see it, from the bad writing to the retconning, universal sized plot holes and much more. The thing is, this has happened before. Turner had too much creative control and in the end, it broke the series. Or perhaps it is time for the show to return to the wilderness for a decade or so? Only time will tell. Again Moffat is flawed but so was Davies and he was guilty of just as many things if not more so.

Need I remind you of the whole Master retconning with the Sound of Drums nonsense? Nine is guilt-ridden, having destroyed his planet and committed double genocide. Rose helps him with it. And then with Ten, he was born because Nine died to save Rose. He was born because Nine sacrificed himself for her. He mourns for Rose and he mourns for Gallifrey and that comes out in his storyline. I enjoyed Eleven, but he was characterized less consistently. Doctor, making jokes and moving on from the Time War and then he was socially-unaware! Doctor, and then he was sex-jokes! Doctor, and it just never seemed to mesh with me.

But the character remains the same, the master conducts is the same with logopolis with the ultimate foe and with the end of time: RTD just gave a deeper motivation for his hate against the high council but even though we can feel more emphaty and more understanding for this character, RTD respected the intercourses between the master and the doctor, between the master and the high council and between the master and innocent people, as we can see them in the old episodes.

IMO, Eleven was perfectly characterised — happy, easily distracted, socially unaware and making sex jokes all fit within his characterisation as the manchild Doctor. Remember the comment he made to Amy: Look at Eleven as a child with the memories and intellect of a Time Lord and his character makes a ton more sense…. RTD shows very well how the Doctor needs a human companion to be stopped 4- the fifth doctor get angry with the humans when they think to kill the sea devils exactly like the Tenth get angry with Harrieth Jones when she kills the Sycorax.

In both cases the Doctor has not a human point of view. Lotta talk goin' round that we got some disharmony here -- You guys want to tell me what the problem is? But I mind Golic. The man is crazy. I ain't goin' out with him anymore. Golic shrugs, grins like an idiot. Golic is just another poor, miserable, suffering son-of-a-bitch like you and me. I don't want to hear another word about Golic. The entire room goes silent. She takes some cornbread from a basket on one of the tables All eyes riveted on her.

Moves to his table He turns to Aaron. He stares straight ahead. Doesn't acknowledge her presence. I am a murderer and a rapist. I guess I must make you nervous. Enough even for you. But we tolerate anybody. We got a good place here to wait. Up to now, no temptation. A moment as they stare at one another - she turns and moves off. Prisoner Martin sweets up in the background. Clemens pours himself a short whisky. The point is when the Company wanted to close down this facility. Dillon and the rest of the converts Wanted.

They were allowed to remain as custodians -- with two minders and a medical officer. And here we are. CLEMENS Now that I've gone out on the limb for you with Andrews, damaging my already less than perfect relationship with that good man, and briefed you on the hum-drum history of Fury , how about you telling me you looking for in the girl?

And why was it necessary to cremate the bodies? I've been out here a long time. He swirls his drink -- looks it her. Fills the air-duct with warm air and soot. Murphy is cleaning the passageway, chipping away carbon deposits, scrubbing down the walls. He whistles as he works, doesn't like the job much No col-ours any-y more, I want them to turn black. I see the girls walk by dressed in their sum-mer clothes. I have to turn my head until my dark-ness goes. Stopping, Murphy spots something in the dark of the air-duct.

Kneeling, he checks it out. Holding his broom, he stretches it out. Approximately the size of a small deer He starts singing again I See my red door and I want it paint-ed black. It's not ea-sy fac-ing up when your whole world is black. He hears something in the darkness to his left. Stopping, he sees a recessed storage area built into the wall of the air-duct A gurgling sound is coming from inside.

Curious, Murphy moves closer. Stopping before the recessed area, Murphy peers inside.

The Day of the Doctor (TV story) | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Smoke pours through his fingers. Clemens, across the way, lights a cigarette and pours himself a small whisky Clemens' back now turned, without his cowl for the first time Ripley can see clearly etched into the back of his head a bar code. He hands her a glass. I'd like to know why you were so insistent on having the bodies cremated. I don't want to discuss it. I just had to be sure what killed her -- I made a mistake Who was the lucky fellow?

But I don't think this is the moment. Sorry -- we are rather spoiling things, aren't we.? Clemens moves to the speaker Andrews wants you to report to Ventshaft Seventeen on the Second Quadrant. We've had an accident. You could call it that. On-e of the prisoners got diced. I have to go. As he turns away Prisoner JUDE is mopping up. There is precious little to look at. The fans been shut down. Andrews and Aaron look on grimly. I gave him the assignment. It wasn't your fault. Clemens glances up at Andrews: I always tell people Moving closer to the recess in the wall, he notices it for the first time.

Slowly, he looks inside. Something appears to have been spilled over the edge of the recess. Andrews pins Clemens with his gaze. Instantly, Andrews is suspicious If you please, Mr. He shepherds the others out of the air-duct. Alone, Clemens considers the grizzly scene before him Returns his attention to the corrosive bum.

Alien 3 (1992)

Beneath some smashed and decimated equipment, secured within the bulkhead, she finds what she's after. Above a seal on the wall in bold letters, she reads: A modular black box appears from beneath the seal. She pries open a plate off the black surface and presses a button. She can see pulses on a meter in the box's face. Flight recorder still operational. Shutting it off, she puts it on the floor beside her. She studies the carnage in the cramped confines Clemens appears, peering through the hole in the bulkhead: One of the prisoners has been killed.

Poor silly bastard backed into a six foot fan. Ripley just stares at him. I want to help. But I need to know what's going on, or at least what you think is going on. If you really want to be helpful, find me a computer with audio capabilities so I can access this flight recorder. I m afraid I can't join you. I have an appointment. They are preparing to explore and forage among the abandoned mine shafts beneath the planet's surface.

Golic, don't fidget about. What's all this damn food you've got in here -it's not properly wrapped. Golic is stuffing food in his mouth. He's got that down pretty good. Dillon and Junior appear in the doorway. I'll light a thousand. He was a special friend. He never complained about me. Did his head really get split into a million pieces? Golic and his two companions move off.. Andrews slowly pours tea. Clemens remains very calm I may point out this is the first high-level communication this installation has ever received to my knowledge.

They want this woman looked after. They made it very clear -- they consider her to be very high priority. This accident with Murphy is what happens when one of these dumb sons-of-bitches walks around with a hard-on. We both know exactly what you are Getting up, Clemens heads for the door. Andrews pounds his fist on the desk Perhaps you'd like me to explain your sordid history to your new friend, Lieutenant Ripley?

For her personal edification, of course Beat Now sit the hell down. Clemens returns to his chair. You're unpredictable, insolent, possibly dangerous. You question everything and spend too much time alone. Always a bad sign. Now, is there anything I should know? Don't play with me, Mr. You spend every second you can with her: And I have my suspicions that not all of your concerns with her are medical Has she said anything to you?

What her mission is? What the hell she was doing in an EEV? I assume beyond that it's all classified. I haven't pressed her for more. Clemens rises, heads for the door. A gigantic pit stands open to the roaring sky. It's piled high with everything the prisoners have discarded. Standing on a mountain of rusted engines, pneumatic drills and other equipment RIPLEY rummaging through miles of wires, tubing and parts. The wind tears her eyes. Stopping for a second, she sees A HAND sticking out of a pile of some wiring.

Realizing what she's looking at, she starts digging through the refuse at speed. Most of his face and lower jaw are gone. Parts of his neck, left shoulder and back are intact. At the rear of his mouth is a small speaker. Grabbing some wire, Ripley starts stuffing them into a bag. The following attackers are.: Junior, Gregor, William, plus one stunt prisoner. An arm suddenly comes from behind and grabs her around the neck. Another arm grabs her shoulders. Ripley breaks free of the arms Punches the prisoner -- Kicks him in the balls.

He grabs her -- spread eagles her over a pipe rail. Two other prisoners appear just behind him. Dillon suddenly materializes from the dark. You wanna go first? Dillon smacks the two prisoners in back. Junior tries to belt Dillon -- Dillon gut punches him, grabs a metal bar, cracks him twice over the head with it -- time second blow dropping him. Nothing hurt but my feelings. I've got to re-educate some of the brothers. We're gonna discuss some matters of the spirit.

She picks up the bag with Bishop's parts and starts to go. Passes one of the prisoners. Stops Punches him in the mouth It's black as night. Illuminated by the light of his torch -- Golic eyeballs a sign on the wall in front of him. Behind him, Rains lights a candle.

Kneeling he places it in a row that seems to crawl away forever into the dark. The flickering light reveals a hallway. A very long hallway. The sign on the wall above Golic reads: When he speaks, his voice echoes and re-echoes off the concrete walls. Golic shoves some food in his mouth and chews, noisily. He steps over to an abandoned cigarette machine. Irritated, Boggs turns on him. I can't think with all the Goddamn noise you're making.

Boggs doesn't get an answer. He, glances sideways at Rains. Rains is scratching himself furiously Stares fixedly down the row of flickering candles. Golic following his line of sight. Something very bizarre is happening. Every few seconds, one of the candles goes out. It's okay to say shit. It's not against God. The three prisoners hold their torches- high in the air.

Try to see what's going on. Whatever's snuffing out the candles is too far away to be illuminated by the torches. If all the candles go out, how're we going to know where we are? I guess I'm nominated.. Rains moves down the line of candles. His companions receding in the distance. His footsteps echo inside the hallway. Behind him, he hears Boggs: The words echo and reverberate within the enclosed space. Moving forward, Rains starts to sweat. Ahead, another candle goes out. Golic and Boggs are a long ways behind him, now. Only three more candles to go. Beyond, there's nothing but a black hole.

Stopping at the last flickering candle, he raises his torch high in the air. Relieved, he starts to relax. Then he realizes there's a massive glob of blackness off to his right. It's not reflecting the light from his torch. Now a fully mature creature. It moves with the speed of a big cat In one blurred motion, it is upon him. Tears open his chest -- leaves a gapping hole in his abdomen. The last thing Rains hears is his own scream. Suddenly panicking, Boggs grabs the torch and takes off in the opposite direction.

Golic charges after him. Rounding corners, charging through the blackness A maze of ink-black passageways. Finally catching Boggs, Golic takes back the torch. Both men are exhausted, completely lost. Out of breath, unable to speak Trying to collect himself, Golic stares around. Ahead, he see candles flickering in the dark. Boggs starts to get sick. At the speed of thought, it leans down and rips off Boggs' head. Blood flies everywhere, spattering Golic in the face. Paralyzed with fear, Golic watches the Alien hurls Boggs' helpless body against the wall.

She checks the connections. Using a cable, she connects a terminal in Bishop's smashed thorax to the black flight recorder. Instantly, Bishop's one eye blinks. A garbled sound comes out of the small speaker at the back of his mouth. Shoving her hand into his throat, she gives him an adjustment. Can you feel anything?

I'm just a glorified toaster. I like your new haircut She plugs the black box into a connection, wires it to his head. What remains of his forehead wrinkles in concentration. Why were the cryo-rubes ejected? Then, the sound of the female voice heard aboard the Sulaco just prior to separation, comes out of Bishop's voice box.

Fire in cryogenic compartment. It was in the subflooring I'm not what I used to be. Was there an Alien on board? It all goes into the computer and gets sent back to the network. I'm not feeling very well. Do me a favor. She pulls the wires. They tie him down to a bed. Golic is still covered in blood and gore. Clemens tries to attend to him It feeds on flesh.

Why do I get blamed for everything Nobody can stop it. They just got slaughtered.. I'm not saying it was anyone's fault, but he should have been chained up. Mad as a fuckin' hatter. Clemens, sedate this poor idiot. Where are the brothers? You're not to get an thing out of him I'm afraid we have to assume that there is a very good chance this simple bastard has murdered them. He's never lied to me. But he's not a liar. Ripley walks up to the group from the shadows. A eyes turn to her. I am not interested in your opinions because you are not in full possession of the facts.

This man is a convicted multiple murderer -- known for particularly brutal and ghastly crimes -- GOLIC I didn't do it! Andrews leans very close to Ripley's face. It's an eight foot insect of some kind with acid for blood and it arrived on your spaceship. It kills on sight and is generally unpleasant. And, of course, you expect me to accept all this on your words. I don't expect anything. Never heard anything like it, sir.

Tell me, Lieutenant, what would you suggest we do? It is not a good idea to allow prisoners access to firearms. No way to escape. The company would kill them when the supply ship comes around. Some fire axes scattered about -- nothing terribly formidable. Confined to the infirmary. Yes, that's a good girl. Aaron will escort you. Andrews wants a meeting. Mess Hall, right away, gang Some damn way to escape? A supply ship comes once every six months. Quite soon, I gather.

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No one's ever been in a hurry to get here before Do you want to tell me what you and Andrews talked about? You'd just think I was crazy. Sick to my stomach. Not unexpected, given the circumstances. Clemens fills a syringe. In his straightjacket, Golic stares at nothing. Turning, he grins at Ripley. I know lots of 'em.

You're gonna die too. He begins to whistle. He approaches her with the syringe. When I asked you about the prison id.. A man with a future. While I was on my first residency, I did a hour stretch in an E. Eleven of them died when I prescribed the wrong dosage of pain killer. I got seven years in prison and my licensed reduced to a 3-C. While in prison I kicked my habit. And here I am. Yes, so am I.